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Demineralization capacity of resins for demineralizer

How to predict the demineralization capacity of the resins of a demineralizer?





How to predict the demineralization capacity of the resins of a demineralizer?

Labomat Essor offers demineralization stations as an accessory to its salt spray chambers, Ascott or Q-Lab cyclic corrosion chambers, QUV UV aging chambers, Q-SUN Xenon aging chambers, Binder climatic chambers.

These demineralisers are composed of a PFP 210 regulation and filtration assembly comprising:

- 5µ activated carbon pre-filtration
- One or two ion exchange columns (single or double cyclic) by regenerable mixed bed resins (cationic + anionic)

- A final 1 µm post filtration (the aim of which is to avoid the possible release of resin fines that could in particular cause a solenoid valve failure).

- A resistivity indicator, installed at the outlet of the first demineralization column, with digital display (other options: temperature-compensated measurement, transfer of
   fault, resistivity indicator with double reading (output column 1 and output column 2); data recording on USB port or via internet consultation.

- 2 outlet demineralized water sampling valves.
- Optional: anti-silica demineralizer cylinder (it is recommended for UV or Xenon tests the serial addition of an anti-silica cylinder (having a specific affinity for
   this item)), silica measuring kit and feed gun.

Demineralization columns are available in different volumes. It is therefore necessary to choose the right volume according to:

  • The amount of water to be demineralized.
  • The quality of the water supplying the demineralization station.
  • The desired frequency of resin regeneration.

The different resin volumes are presented on our site by following the link

A local service ensures the standard exchange of demineralization columns, after-sales service (disinfection, change of filter cartridges, indicator calibration)

Other possibilities:

- We can offer you the establishment of a production and distribution network of high quality demineralized water on several points and on several floors) by
   the installation of the AQUADEM OPTION R (REJECT 0 / STORAGE 0 / recirculation to maintain quality at the various points / UV radiation to limit biofilm formation)

- The possibility of producing demineralized water with the desired and controlled quality (200µs / cm, 100µS / cm, 5µS / cm, 0.1µS / cm or any other need) thanks to the panoply of

If you want to know the quality of the water in your town in order to assess the real capacity for demineralization of resins, click on the following link:

Water analyzes in your town

You will then have access to the latest analysis bulletins for the sanitary control of water intended for human consumption.

It is indicated there: hardness (Hydrotimetric title) of 35.6 ° F

Fill in this value in the yellow box of the excel table available in the attached document of this article. 'Demineralization capacity' file.

You can then estimate the expected demineralization capacity.

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