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Mixing - Dispersion

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Disperser / Mixer and Grinders

In this category, you will find the devices and instruments necessary for mixing, dispersing and grinding.


Access a wide range of disperser-mixers ideal for laboratory use. Very quiet, they have an ergonomic lifting handle with an adjustable timer and a safety system.

They can be supplied with many optional accessories.

Grinding accessory for dispersers:

This accessory allows rapid and efficient grinding thanks to the chamber (Basketmill) which can be adapted to the Disperlab Discovery dispersers-mixers sold on the Labomat site.

Vacuum systems:

These are optional vacuum systems that are easy to mount on the disperser-mixers. They are also effective for products that need to be vacuum packed. They are available with different capacities up to 50 L depending on the models of disperser-mixers to which the device is connected.

With more than 25 years of experience, at Labomat, we have succeeded in establishing ourselves as one of the main players, if not the leader, in the field of the distribution of measurement and testing equipment for industry and the research. We offer thousands of references from major brands such as Disperlab and Brookfield Amelec. Having followed various training courses, some of which are given by our partners, our team is able to provide you with technical advice, but not only.

Our team of technicians offers various services. Our services include the maintenance and repair of your instruments, but also calibration in the workshop or on site, as the case may be. In fact, it is strongly recommended to have the measuring equipment calibrated every year, because it is the best way to validate previous tests, but also to guarantee future tests. We also carry out the commissioning of your instruments and we ensure their proper functioning. You can also call on our team to update their certification.

At Labomat, we have a team of engineers who are there to study your needs meticulously and in detail in order to be able to offer you the most suitable products and services. In order to provide you with the best possible support in the use of your instruments, we organize technical training days on various themes such as viscosity and rheology, aging and corrosion, or even color and shine. Our field of intervention extends throughout France and sometimes even internationally. We have know-how and great versatility that allow us to work on any category of laboratory device ranging from viscometer and rheometer, to the abrasimeter, through the porosimeter, the adhesion tester. , the thermo-hygrometer and the oven temperature recorder. Thanks to our online platform, we allow you to keep abreast of news in our sector of activity, but also to access all the information inherent to our products and services. You can also send us your quote request via our site. To fully satisfy you and ensure delivery as soon as possible, we make sure that we always have sufficient stock on all the references which are in our catalog.

Mixing - Dispersion

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