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Automatic ink applicators

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Automatic ink applicators

This sub-category groups together our automatic ink application solutions.

  • KPP automatic applicators
  • GP100 High Speed Applicator
  • Flexiproof 100 Applicator
  • Flexiproof 100 UV Applicator
Automatic ink applicators

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K Lox automatic applicator

The K Lox Automatic Proofer provides reproducible speed and pressure for high-precision flexo proofing. This machine is recommended when repeatability is essential, for example for basic color creation or when a number of operators are involved.


KPP automatic ink applicators

High quality proofs using flexo or rotogravure inks are produced in an instant with the K Printing Proofer. Featuring electronically engraved printing plates, it is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in the manufacture and use of inks.


Paste Ink Proofer PIP Applicator

Sample press for fast and reproducible color preparation of litho, offset and letterpress inks (high viscosity viscous inks). This machine is unique in its use, an automatic ink dosing system eliminates the need to weigh or measure ink samples. Interchangeable engraved cylinders are used to produce prints of different densities.