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Circular TABER abasimeters | Labomat | Labomat

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Circular TABER abasimeters | Labomat

Circular TABER Abrasimeters

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Circular TABER abasimeters

The TABER 5135 single track or TABER 5155 double track circular abrasimeters are certainly the most widely used abrasimeters in the world for testing the abrasion resistance of products as different as paints, varnishes, inks, plastics, metals, ceramics, paper, fabrics. ...

The sample is positioned on the platter which, like a record player, will be rotated. This causes the wheels to rotate which will thus create a perfectly reproducible abrasion.

It is possible to use different types of grinding wheels (rubber, ceramic, metal, felt, etc.) and to apply different masses to the grinding wheels in order to adapt the test according to the product to be tested. This explains the great versatility of TABER abrasimeters and their wide use.

Circular TABER Abrasimeters

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Taber Rotary Abrasers 1700 / 1750

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The 'Test Taber' provides reliable data within minutes. Used to assess a material's resistance to wear, a flat sample is mounted on a turntable that rotates on a vertical axis. As the platen rotates, contact of the sample against the sliding rotation of two grinding wheels causes wear while a vacuum system removes loose wear debris during testing. The...


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