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Mass - Density

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Density meters, Pycnometers, fineness gauges, scales ...

This category groups together our different materials characterization solutions:

  • Hydrometers
  • Scales, cutters, fineness gauges
  • Permeability cups, drying time
  • Minimum film forming temperature, gradient oven, flash point
Mass - Density

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BK drying time loggers

Each of the needles of the needle holder moves at a constant adjustable speed on a glass plate on which the product to be tested has been applied beforehand. A time scale fixed on the casing makes it possible to determine the times corresponding to each stage of the drying process: solvent evaporation time, dust free, tack free, through dry.


ICI VF2095 Pressure Hydrometer

The pressure applied by the device makes it possible to expel the air trapped in the liquids during their manufacture to make it negligible, thus improving the precision and the repeatability of measurement of their density by weighing.