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Specific viscometers

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Brookfield specific viscometers

The use of a specific viscometer may be necessary to measure the viscosity of certain products under very specific conditions.

At Labomat, discover various models of these specific devices.

CAP cone-plane viscometers:

Benefit from rapid viscosity measurement of low volumes of paints, resins and petroleum products at controlled temperature.

The CAP Brookfield low temperature flat cone viscometer models CAP1000 + L (single speed) and CAP2000 + L (multispeed rheometer) are also known as the ICI viscometer and are ideally suited for measuring the viscosity of roller applied decorative paints.

The CAP Brookfield high temperature flat cone viscometers CAP1000 + H and CAP2000 + H (multispeed rheometer) are often used to test high temperature bitumens or adhesives.

Krebs viscometer:

Obtain a viscosity measurement in Krebs, cP or grams units. This model of Brookfield Krebs KU3 viscometer is particularly recommended for varnish, paint and ink factories.

ViscoThinner viscometer:

Continuously monitor the viscosity of your mixture while adding solvents and thinners. Get viscosity analysis at predefined times.

KF falling ball viscometers:

Measure the viscosity of Newtonian fluids based on the Höppler principle. The Brookfield KF 40 falling ball viscometer determines the viscosity of a product by taking into account the time it takes for a ball to fall into a tube filled with the product to be tested.

Wells-Brookfield Cone / Plane Geometry Viscometers and Rheometers:

Easily measure absolute viscosity on small volumes (0.5 to 2 ml).

This factory configuration can be performed on the DV1M, DV2T and DVNext viscometers.

Ball Bearing Configuration:

This configuration uses a ball bearing instead of the conventional tip seat linkage (the only wear part of a Brookfield viscometer).

Brookfield viscometers and rheometers equipped with ball bearing are recommended for intensive use of the devices (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year).

The DV1M, DV2T and DVNext viscometer models can be fitted with this configuration (except those with an LV measuring sensor). The installation of the ball bearing kit can also be carried out on an existing device in the Labomat workshops.

Devices also allow faster handling of your viscometer.

Quick Connect Adapter allowing a quick attachment without screwing the mobiles (compatible with the Analogue, DVE, DV1M, DV2T and DVNext models)

Mag Coupling Adapter : Magnetic attachment of mobiles (for DV2T and DVNext equipped with the magnetic coupling option).

Labomat has specialized for more than 25 years in the distribution of scientific materials and specialties for research, quality control and production in France. We work with internationally renowned instrument, production equipment and specialty manufacturers to provide you with access to high quality products. Our partnerships allow us to respond to all your problems for the characterization of the properties of materials and surfaces.

Thanks to our team of highly qualified technicians and technical-sales engineers, we are at your disposal for any technical advice, request for estimate and visit.

We also ensure start-up, demonstrations and tests as well as training through our technical days. These relate to different areas, namely viscosity and rheology, color and gloss, light aging and corrosion. These training courses are set up in collaboration with experts such as X-Rite, a leader in colorimetry solutions in the industrial sector.

To guarantee you services that meet your expectations, our team must follow initial training to enable them to understand your problems. They then follow regular sales and after-sales service training with our partners. Our after-sales service team offers complete services relating to the maintenance, calibration verification and repair of your equipment, whether it is a spectrocolorimeter, a climatic chamber, a viscometer or 'a rheometer. We have a workshop for this, but can also intervene on your site. Also entrust us with the installation of your instruments and their annual calibration.

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Specific viscometers

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Reference: Viscosimètre ICI Brookfield CAP

Brookfield CAP1000 + / -2000 + Cone-Plate Viscometers

The Brookfield CAP 1000+ / CAP 2000+ viscometers are ICI type viscometers with cone-plate geometry and imposed speed allowing rapid measurement, at controlled temperature, on small sample volumes. This is a characterization at high shear rate on products such as paints, varnishes, inks, resins and petroleum products.


Duo.Visc capillary viscometer

The Duo.Visc capillary viscometer allows simultaneous kinematic viscosity measurement on two samples.Capillary viscometer according to ASTM D445, ASTM D2270, ISO 3104, ISO 2909 ...Composed of two measuring heads and two Peltier effect temperature control systems (18-105 ° C)Compact, precise, ideal for measuring oils at two different temperatures as often...


IVisc capillary viscometer

The iVisc capillary viscometer allows the measurement of the kinematic viscosity of your productsCapillary viscometer according to DIN 51562, ASTM D445Fully automatic measurement and analysisSimple “Plug & Play” installation


Reference: Viscosimètre Krebs Brookfield KU

Krebs Brookfield KU-3 Viscometer

The Krebs Brookfield KU-3 viscometer allows you to obtain a result directly in Krebs units, cP or grams.The Krens Brookfield KY-3 viscometer is widely used in the paint, ink and varnish industry.