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Durometers and Standard Blocks | Labomat


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Durometers and Standard Blocks

This category includes our solutions for measuring the hardness of rubbers, plastics, composites:

  • Shore portable duromers
  • Shore / DIDC / Micro DIDC benchtop hardness testers
  • Barcol durometers

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Shore A / DIDC / micro-DIDC multirange durometer

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Laboratory hardness tester with modular configuration accepting different Shore A, DIDC or micro-DIDC measuring heads allowing to measure any type of rubber or plastic sample, small parts, thin parts and O-rings.Measures the following hardness: DIDC, Shore A, micro-DIDC and micro-DIDC / DIDC / Shore A.


Barcol durometer

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Easy-to-use durometer for checking the hardness of most materials (aluminum and aluminum alloy, soft metals, plastics, fiberglass, rubber, leather, etc.).Measures hardness according to the Barcol scale, correlation with Vickers, Rockwell and Brinell hardness


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