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Orange Skin Gloss Meters and DOIs, Opacimeters, Cryptometers

Orange Peel Gloss Meters and DOIs, Opacimeters, Cryptometers

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Orange Peel and DOI Gloss Meters, Opacimeters, Cryptometers

This sub-category includes our other equipment for characterizing the optical properties of products:

  • Small aperture glossmeter
  • Orange peel measurement (DOI)
  • Opacimeter
  • Pfund cryptometer

Specialized in the distribution of specialty instruments since 1992, Labomat Essor offers scientific equipment in a wide selection for research, production and quality control. You will find in our catalog a wide range of glossmeters dedicated to the characterization of specific properties of materials.

Surface appearance testers: accurately quantify the orange peel and DOI of a surface.

The cryptometer: quickly determine the covering power of wet films with the K 0.004 and K 0.008 plate cryptometers or with K 0.002 and K 0.007 plates. These instruments make it possible to evaluate the necessary thickness of a film to constitute a complete covering and adapts to any coating, even with pigment.

The opacimeter: Easily measure the opacity of various materials, coatings, plastic films and paper. This device can also quantify the intensity of a tint on a gray scale.

Labomat has a varied choice of measuring and quality instruments adapted to the needs of various sectors of activity. To advise you and to better orient you towards the equipment that meets your needs, rely on the expertise of our team. Since its creation, Labomat Essor has been a reference in the field of scientific equipment. This French company is recognized in the field of the distribution of specialty materials intended for scientific research, quality control and production. Our priority being the satisfaction of our customers, we put our skills and know-how at your disposal in order to ensure the quality of our services. Labomat Essor collaborates with the largest production and specialty equipment manufacturers to provide you with a varied range of products. We also have a wide range of scientific instruments that meet the specific needs of various sectors of activity.

Concerned about the quality and robustness of our instruments, we rigorously test our measurement equipment and offer a complete service guaranteeing maintenance, verification of proper functioning and up-to-date certification of the equipment fleet. Among our services, our company also offers the installation and commissioning of any product marketed on the site by a team of technicians trained by our partners and certified. Whether they are engineers, salespeople or technicians, our experts have the necessary skills to offer solutions to meet your problems and to guide you towards the appropriate products and services. Training can also be organized within your structure to advise you on the use of the scientific instruments acquired.

By choosing Labomat Essor as your supplier, you are assured of quality service and the best delivery times. Our company guarantees the availability of products thanks to a stock of thousands of references. We also ship parcels of less than 30 kg by DHL, and larger parcels by carrier so that you can receive your equipment as quickly as possible. In the event of a problem noted upon receipt of your package, you will be able to communicate your reservations to the carrier with a view to quickly finding an adequate solution.

Orange Peel Gloss Meters and DOIs, Opacimeters, Cryptometers

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Novo-Shade Duo+ opacity meter

45°/0° reflectometer for measuring the opacity of coatings, plastic films and sheets of paper, the intensity of a shade on a gray scale and the cleanliness of a support. Continuous measurement mode. Statistics and graphical analysis. Data transfer via Bluetooth or USB connection. According to ISO 2814, ISO 6504, BS 3900 ‐ D4, D7, ASTM E97, ASTM E1347,...