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With more than 25 years of existence, Labomat Essor has established itself as one of the main players in the distribution of measurement and testing equipment for industry and research.

We are able to provide on our entire range:

  • The board
  • Commercialization
  • Installation and training
  • Maintenance and calibration services in the workshop or on site

Our different products cover the following areas :

Color and Shine:

In this category, we offer a whole range of products to highlight the appearance properties of your products:

Colorimeters and spectrocolorimeters (also called spectrophotometers) from the X-Rite range.

These colorimeters and spectrocolorimeters are used for color measurement in quality control or in formulation for solid products, liquids, powders.

They exist in 45/0 ° measuring geometry or integrating sphere (also called Ulbricht sphere, or diffuse 8 ° geometry) or in multi-angle geometry used for paints or effect inks.

These devices can be portable or benchtop. Laboratory devices exist in measurement by reflection or transmission

Spectral colorimeters or spectrocolorimeters for liquids from the Hach Lange range

These spectral colorimeters or spectrocolorimeters for liquids are specially designed for the measurement of optically transparent liquids. They measure according to the Hazen, Gardner, Iodine, Saybolt, European Pharmacopoeia scales ...

Light booths from Verivide or TQC

These light booths allow you to observe your products in a standardized environment and using standardized illuminants (daylight D65, UV, F, A ...)

Light booths exist in different sizes, different combinations of illuminants, with observation table, with diffuser ...

Glossmeters, opacimeters, Haze and orange peel (DOI) measuring devices from the Rhopoint or TQC ranges

These glossometers (also called refractometers) are available in different measuring angles 20, 45, 60 or 85 °, with integrated or separate probe. in mono angle or multi angle models.

Viscosity, Rheology, Texture

This category includes all the viscometers and rheometers of the Ametek Brookfield range.

Labomat Essor is the exclusive representative of Ametek Brookfield, world leader in viscometers and rheometers, in France, the Maghreb and French-speaking Africa.

As such, Labomat Essor provides advice, marketing, installation, training, calibration and maintenance of the entire range of Brookfield viscometers and rheometers.

Brookfield Viscometers

Brookfield viscometers can be equipped with different sensors (LV RV HA or HB for the main viscosity ranges). The principle is to have a rotating mobile in the product and to determine the resistance of the product to the rotation of the mobile as a function of the mobile and the speed used.

Brookfield viscometers will be available in different performance ranges depending on the number of speeds, their possibility of interfacing with a printer, data storage, computer control, etc.

They therefore exist in the following models:

Analog viscometers : recognized for their robustness and reliability in the most extreme conditions for many years.

Viscometers for quality control : DVE and DV1M

Viscometers for quality control and research and developmentt: DV2T and DVNext

Brookfield rheometers

While Brookfield viscometers measure the viscosity of a product under a limited number of agitation conditions, the purpose of Brookfield rheometers is to determine the rheological properties of products. That is to say the evolution of the viscosity of the products according to their stirring conditions. We can then draw rheograms (flow curves, rheological curves) according to the speed, the shear rate (speed gradient, agitation, shear rate) or according to the shear stress (shear stress) or even in oscillation (oscillation sweep or frequency sweep, amplitude or frequency sweep).

These rheometers can be used alone or controlled by computers and allow you to draw curves but also to help you in the interpretation of results using mathematical models: Thixotropy, Newton, Casson, Bingham, Oswald, Herschel Buckley ... determine the yield point

In this section, you will find:

Brookfield fixed speed rheometers DVNext models : These Brookfield DVNext viscometers have several thousand speeds and can thus determine the rheological properties of your products according to the speed of rotation of the moving part or the shear rate (speed gradient, shear rate).

Brookfield rheometers at imposed speed or constraint Brookfield RST models : In addition to the functions of a Brookfield DVNext rheometer, the Brookfield RST rheometers can be used to measure imposed stress (as a function of shear stress shear stress). They also have a much wider measurement range than the analog Brookfield viscometers and rheometers, DVE, DV1M, DV2T or DV3T.

Brookfield RSO Oscillating Rheometers : While the DVNext or RST rheometers allow measurements to be made using rotating mobiles, Brookfield RSO rheometers measure by oscillation of the mobile. This makes it possible to determine the rheological properties of visco-elastic products by carrying out an amplitude sweep or a frequency sweep (respectively oscillation sweep or frequency sweep).

These different Brookfield rheometers are available in cone / plane, plane / plane, coaxial cyclinders or with vane spindles.

Brookfield Accessories

These various Brookfield viscometers and rheometers can be supplemented by various accessories such as Brookfield thermostatic baths, specific accessories such as for example the low volume SSA adapter, the low viscosity ULA adapter, the Thermosel oven, the Helipath system ...

These different accessories allow you to further expand the performance range of your Brookfield viscometers and rheometers and often avoid you having to invest in a new viscometer or rheometer.

Brookfied Powder Rheometers

Liquids are by definition incompressible products. On the other hand, powders are compressible products and their properties depend on the compression rate.

This is the whole purpose of the Brookfiled Rheometers for powders model PFT (Powder Flow Tester) which measures their rheological properties as a function of the compression ratio of the powders.

Brookfield Texturometers

Some products cannot be described using a Brookfield viscometer or rheometer. Thus in the food industry, we more often speak of the texture of products.

In this section, Labomat Essor offers the Brookfield model CT3 texturometer with single load cell or the Brookfield model CTX texturometer with interchangeable load cell.

The principle of a texturometer and of making penetrate by plunging tool (disc, sphere, needle, cylinder ...) in the product by determining a deformation to be reached and by measuring the reaction force of the product or vice versa by applying a force and measuring displacement.

Thanks to a wide range of accessories, Brookfield texturometers cover a wide range of uses in the food industry, cosmetics, packaging, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Film application

In the paints industry, for example inks, it is necessary to have the necessary tools to be able to deposit with precision a known thickness of paint or ink on a support.

Labomat Essor offers film applicators (spiral bar, bar coater, 4-opening applicators, Bird applicators, Baker applicators, micrometric applicators, etc.) that can be used for manual or automatic application.

As such, we offer RK Print and TQC manual or automatic applicators, the ranges of which complement each other in terms of both price and performance.

The quality of the application also depends on the quality of the support on which the paint or ink is deposited. This is why Labomat Essor offers the world reference in terms of application support: LENETA cards.

A good quality of application and a reproducible application are the sine qua non conditions to be able to formulate using the X-Rite spectrocolorimeters proposed above.

With regard to the protection of metals, manufacturers use surface treatments or paint to give their products the appearance or corrosion resistance properties.

Labomat Essor offers the benchmark for test panels with Q-Panel test panels manufactured by Q-Lab Corporation.

These panels are available in steel, aluminum, with or without surface treatment, in different dimensions and surface roughness. These panels are perforated, deburred, degreased, delivered in corrosion inhibiting papers. They are ready to use. We also offer corrosion coupons to test the corrosivity of salt spray enclosures.

Aging - Photostability

In this section, you will find our different solutions for testing the weather resistance of your products.

Labomat Essor is the exclusive agent for France, Belgium, the Maghreb and French-speaking Africa of the world leader in light and weathering tests Q-Lab Corporation.

We offer the QUV type UV aging enclosures offered by Q-Lab Corporation.

These enclosures allow you to test the resistance to UVA or UVB of your products as well as to alternate with phases of condensation or water spraying (spray). QUV loudspeakers meet many standards and are by far the most widely used loudspeakers in the world.

We also offer the Q-Sun type xenon aging (photostability) enclosures from Q-Lab Corporation.

Xenon enclosures are available in 3 sizes Q-Sun Xe-1 (1000 cm²), Q-Sun Xe 2 (2000 cm²), Q-Sun Xe 3 (3000 cm²) and meet all the standards achievable on suntest, xenotest, wheather O meter and much more. They can operate in controlled irradiance, temperature, humidity and alternate with spraying phases.

Labomat Essor also offers natural aging testing services in the ISO 17025 natural exposure sites of Q-Lab Corporation in Florida or Arizona as well as accelerated aging testing services in the laboratory in the laboratory. ISO 17025 Q-Lab Corporation test in Germany

Humidity, Condensation, Climatic tests, Corrosion

In this part you will find

Humidity test chambersé such as ford trays, machu test, damp heat chambers, QCT type condensation test chambers offered by Q-Lab Corporation.

Heating or drying ovens, vacuum ovens, incubator of the brand Binder

Climatic chambers with constant conditions or climatic chambers with variable conditions of the brand Binder

And finally the salt spray test chambers or cyclic corrosion chambers.

Labomat Essor is the French leader in the advice, sale, installation, monitoring and maintenance of salt spray chambers and cyclic corrosion chambers.

We offer the Ascott Analytical and Q-Lab Corporation enclosures.

The salt spray enclosures meet in particular the ISO 9227, ASTM B117, NFX 41002 and many others standards and allow the corrosion resistance to be tested by spraying a saline solution in the form of a mist in an enclosure in which the samples are deposited .

Cyclic corrosion chambers allow alternating phases of salt spray, drying, saturated humidity or regulated humidity.

Ascott Analytical brand salt spray enclosures or cyclic corrosion enclosures are available in volumes of 120, 450, 1000, 1300, 2000 and 2600 liters and are available in the following performance levels:

Ascott Salt Spray Enclosures iS Models: Enclosures capable of making only salt spray

Ascott Salt Spray Enclosures iP Models: Enclosures capable of salt spraying, drying, or saturated humidity

Ascott cyclic corrosion chambers CC iP models: chambers capable of cycling alternating salt spray, drying, saturated humidity or regulated humidity tests.

QFOG salt spray chambers or cyclic corrosion chambers from Q-Lab Corporation are available in volumes of 600 or 1,100 liters

The QFOG SSP 600 or QFOG SSP 1100 salt spray enclosures can be used to perform salt spray tests or also alternating salt spray and drying tests (prohesion tests)

The QFOG CCT 600 or QFOG CCT 1100 cyclic salt spray enclosures allow you to perform salt spray tests but also to alternate salt spray, drying and saturated humidity test phases.

The QFOG CRH 600 or QFOG CRH 1100 cyclic corrosion chambers are used to perform salt spray tests but also to conduct complex tests alternating phases of salt spraying, drying, moist heat at saturated humidity or finally in controlled humidity.

Anticorrosion and surface

This section groups together the main measuring and testing devices used in the anticorrosion paint industry.

There are devices from the Defelsko, TQC, Bucleys range such as depth gauges, bresle test, testex tape, press o film, high voltage porosimeters, wet sponge porosimeters, leak detectors etc ...

as well as the rugotest and rugosimeters of the Mitutoyo, Taylor Hubson or Innovatest brand.

Thickness measurement

Labomat Essor offers a wide range of thickness measuring devices with the brands Deflesko, TQC and Winterthur

The Positector UTG wall thickness gauges manufactured by Deflesko are used to determine the wall thickness by ultrasound.

The Positector UTG thickness gauge measures the total thickness of a painted or unpainted metallic or non-metallic wall. The device is available with a corrosion probe (single echo) or with a probe for measuring the wall of painted parts (multi-echo probe)

Labomat Essor also offers coating thickness gauges on a metal support. These are the positest banana, posipen, positector 6000 and Positest DFT coating thickness gauges manufactured by Deflesko.

The Positest banana and Posipen thickness gauges are used to measure the thickness of a non-magnetic coating on any ferrous substrate. The Positest Banane and Posipen thickness gauges use a magnet that is put on the coating and we pull harder and harder on the magnet until it comes off.

The Positector 6000 and Positest DFT coating thickness gauges are used to measure coating thicknesses on metal substrates. It is possible to measure for example the thickness of metallization, the thickness of anodization, the thickness of paint, the thickness of surface treatment but also the thickness of film such as for example plastic film, packaging film, adhesive , paper. The Positector 6000 thickness gauges and Positest DFT thickness gauges are used to measure the thicknesses of dry films of liquid or powder paint. The Positector 6000 and Positest DFT coating thickness gauges operate by magnetic induction or eddy current. The thickness measurement of coatings by magnetic induction only works on a ferrous support (white iron, cast iron, steel, magnetic stainless steel). The magnetic induction coating thickness measurement technique measures the thickness of non-magnetic coating on ferrous media. The Positest DFT and Positector 6000 coating thickness gauges can also measure paint thicknesses or other types of coatings using the eddy current method. Eddy current coating thickness gauges measure any non-conductive coating on any non-ferrous metal support. The Positest DFT and Positector 6000 thickness gauges are used to measure the thickness of anodization (OAC, OAS) on aluminum but also the thickness of paint on non-ferrous support such as aluminum, copper, titanium.

Labomat Essor also offers powder thickness gauges before cooking. The Positest Powderchecker pre-bake powder thickness gages manufactured by Defelsko are the latest in the Powdersave and Positector Powderchecker family of pre-bake powder thickness gages. The powdertag powder thickness gauges before baking offered by TQC are used to measure the powder thickness before or after polymerization. The PowderTag and Positest PowderChecker powder thickness gauges before baking measure the powder thickness before baking and display the value of the thickness that will come out of the oven. This saves time and optimizes the paint application by avoiding having to wait for parts to come out of the oven to measure them with a dry film thickness measuring device like the Positector 6000 or the Positest DFT.

Thanks to its partnership with the company Winterthur, Labomat Essor now offers the Coatmaster and Coatmaster Flex non-contact thickness measurement devices. The Coatmaster and Coatmaster Flex thickness gauges are used to measure the thickness of powder before baking, wet film, wet paint, but also dry film. The Coatmaster and Coatmaster flex non-contact thickness gauges are the non-contact coating thickness measuring devices with the widest spectrum of use in terms of thickness range, type of coating, precision of measurement, speed of measurement and also ease of measurement.

Labomat also offers wet film thickness gauges: wet film comb gauges and circular wet film gauges. Wet film comb gauges, also called wet film thickness gauges, are used to measure the thickness of wet paint. Wet film gauges are available in different measuring ranges. Labomat Essor offers precision wet film gauges, customizable advertising wet film gauges, disposable plastic wet film gauges.

Mechanical tests

Labomat Essor offers a whole range of mechanical testing devices manufactured by Defelsko, Taber Industrie or TQC.

The mechanical testing devices offered by Labomat Essor are mainly used to test paints and coatings. However, these devices can also be used in other industries.

Labomat Essor offers a range of apparatus for testing the adhesion of coatings.

There are two types of coating adhesion testers:

Cross-cut adhesion tests and pull-off adhesion tests.

Cross-cut tests meet ISO 2409, DIN 53151 and ASTM D 3359

Grid devices are available as a grid comb equipped with a grid claw or a grid wheel.

The grid combs can be offered singly or as a grid kit comprising the grid comb, an illuminating magnifying glass, a brush and a roll of standardized adhesive for grid testing according to ISO 2409.

Pull Off Testers are also called Pull Off Test

Labomat Essor offers tear-off adhesion tests for the brand Defelsko Positest AT models. The Pull off test Positest AT pull-off adhesion test device allows tensile testing of metal studs (dolly) with a diameter of 10 14 20 or 50 mm. The Positest AT peel adhesion tester is available in two versions: Positest ATM: manual peel adhesion tester or Positest ATA: automatic peel adhesion tester. Positest AT peel adhesion testers meet ISO 4624

Labomat Essor also offers a range of other mechanical testing devices:

Bend test: Bend test on cylindrical mandrel, bend tester on tapered mandrel

Impact test: direct impact test or indirect impact test according to ISO and ASTM standards

Stamping test also called slow stamping.

Coating hardness test:

Surface hardness using a pendulum hardness tester: Pendulum hardness allows surface hardness testing of coatings to be performed using Persoz hardness pendulums or König hardness pendulums

Buchholz indentation test also called Buchholz hardness using bevel wheel

pencil hardness test also called Wolff Wilborn hardness test.

Sclerometer for painting

Labomat essor also offers wet abrasimeters for washability or washability tests.

Finally Labomat Essor is the representative of the company Taber Industrie.

Labomat essor therefore offers abrasimeters to perform the TABER test.

This is the Taber circular abrasimeter which exists in a single track or double track model. The TABER 5135 and TABER 5155 abarasimeters have been replaced by the new models TABER 1700 and TABER 1750. Taber abrasimeters use abrasive wheels to create reproducible abrasion on the test sample. TABER (taber abrader) abrasives use rubber or ceramic abrasive wheels. Taber abrasimeters use calibrase taber wheels or calibrade taber wheels as well as Taber abrasive strips. Taber abrasimeters also allow connection of a Grit Feeder accessory.

Labomat Essor also offers the other abrasion testing devices from the taber industry range:

Taber 5750 linear abrasimeter for performing abrasion tests, scratch tests, crockmeter tests on 3D parts

Oscillating abrasimeter for performing the Bayer Test

and of course all the abrasimeters of the world leader in abrasion tests: Taber industrie

Labomat Essor also offers scratch tests: with the Clemen scratch devices offered at Sheen TQC (models 705 or 706) as well as the famous Taber scratch.

The Taber 551 scratch tester is widely used for testing the scratch resistance of parquet, melamine countertops etc.


Labomat Essor offers durometers for measuring the hardness of rubbers and plastics as well as the hardness of composites.

In this section you will find the Barcol GYZ 934 hardness testers but also the barcol digital Positector BHI hardness tester (Barcol Hardness Indenter)

You will also find in this section durometers for rubbers and plastics

These hardness testers are available as portable needle hardness testers (analog hardness testers) or digital portable hardness testers such as the Positector SHD (shore hardness durometer) offered by Deflsko or the precision hardness testers offered by the company Wallace or the company Hildebrand Gmbh.

The durometers for plastics that we offer are according to the Shore D range

Durometers for rubber (elastomer) are available in the Shore A, Shore O, Shore OO ranges but also in the DIDC or Micro DIDC ranges (International Rubber Hardness Degree, also called IRHD or Micro IRHD (for International Rubber Hardness Degree). .


In this section, Labomat Essor offers the following products:

Density meters, Picnometers, Scales, Sample cutters, Grinding fineness gauge north gauge, Hegman gauge, permeability gauge, peyne cut, drying time devices, paint drying time, varnish drying time, time drying temperature BK, Minimum film forming temperature Gradient oven MFFT, Flash point

Temperature, hygrometry, ph conductivity

In this section, Labomat Essor offers a whole series of solutions for measuring temperature, humidity, hygrometry, pH and conductivity.

Labomat Essor offers the Curve X oven temperature recorder from TQC. The Curve X oven temperature recorder is used in industrial painting to monitor the baking of powder paint or the steaming of liquid paint in industrial painting lines. The principle of the Curve X oven temperature recorder is to have a Curve X temperature recorder inserted in an isothermal box with room temperature probes, infrared probes and probes in contact with the parts and to embark the 'together in the oven. The Curve X temperature recorder will thus be able to withstand for several tens of minutes or even several hours in an oven and record the ambient temperature and the temperature of the rooms. It is the ideal solution for controlling the firing of parts in a powder painting process or the proper steaming of parts in liquid paint.

Labomat also offers thermo hygrometers perfectly suited to the anticorrosion paint market. In fact, when painting on site, it is necessary to ensure that the climatic conditions are suitable. The dewcheck thermohygrometers from TQC or Positector DPM from Defelsko allow aisni to simultaneously measure the ambient temperature, the contact temperature, the humidity of the air (hygrometry, relative humidity), to calculate the dew point and to have an alarm when the room temperature does not comply with an application, ie if the contact temperature is not 3 ° C above the dew point.

These devices also allow data recording.

Labomat Essor also offers the entire range of thermometers, hygrometers, thermohygrometers, ph meters and conductivity meters from Testo and Hanna Instruments.

Finally, Labomat Essor is the exclusive distributor of the company Arizona instrument and offers the high precision humidity analyzers Computrac Vapor Pro XL, Computrac 4000 XL and Computrac 5000XL

The Computrac Vapor Pro XL Moisture Analyzer is a moisture measurement specific analyzer that gives results correlable with the Karl Fisher measurement method.

The Computrac Vapor Pro XL humidity analyzer measures humidity ranging from traces of humidity from a few ppm to 100% humidity. The Computrac Vapor Pro XL can measure humidity in solids, liquids and powders. The Vapor Pro XL computrac, unlike the Karl Fisher method, does not require sample preparation.

Labomat Essor also offers Computrac 4000 XL and Computrac 5000 XL thermogravimetric balances from Arizona Instrument as well as Kern & Sohn thermo balances.

The computrac 4000 XL thermogravimetric scales are very high precision thermogravimetric scales which are the benchmark on the market. They allow the dry extract of products to be measured with unparalleled precision and reproducibility.

The computrac 4000 XL thermogravimetric balances are very high precision thermogravimetric balances which also allow the ash content to be measured.

Hang ON hanging and masking solutions

With almost 30 years of experience alongside liquid or powder paint applicators and in the surface treatment market in general, Labomat Essor has forged a partnership with one of the world leaders in hanging and masking solutions for painting and offers all Hang On solutions

SiLi beads and sequins

In this section, Labomat Essor offers the range of products manufactured by the company Sigmund Lindner

Sigmund Linder manufactures glass balls and ceramic balls which are used in the field of grinding, sealing or homogenization, shot blasting and shot peening. These glass beads are known as Silibeads

Sigmund Linder also offers a range of decorative glass beads, as well as decorative glitter in glass, aluminum, polyester.

Labomat Essor offers all Silglit and Siliglam flakes from Sigmund Lindner. It should be noted in particular that Sigmund Lindner offers a specific range of approved cosmetic glitter.

Technical Days:

Labomat Essor has been organizing technical days in companies or inter-company technical days for many years.

Labomat Essor is also able to offer start-ups and training on its entire range of products.

After sales service:

For Labomat Essor, after-sales service is one of the keys to customer satisfaction. Also Labomat Essor continues year after year to invest to recruit, train and improve the skills of its maintenance technicians (supplier training). Labomat Essor maintains, calibrates and repairs several thousand devices per year, whether with its team of workshop technicians or its team of traveling technicians.

Color - Shine

Spectral colorimeters • Light booths • Color charts • Spectrophotometers • Glossmeters • Cryptometer • Opacimeter

Viscosity -Rheology - Texture

Viscometers • Rheometers • Texturometers • Penetrometer • Powder analyzer • Baths • Viscosity cups • Bostwick Consistometer • Dispersers • Mixers


Manual and automatic applicators • Filmographs • Application cards • Test panels

Aging - Photostability

Ultraviolet and xenon aging chambers • Natural aging • Testing laboratory

Humidity - Condensation Climatic tests - Corrosion

Ford and Machu tanks • Salt spray chambers • Corrosion chambers with regulated humidity • Ovens • Incubators • Climatic chambers

Anticorrosion - Surfaces

Evaluation booklets • Inspection and analysis kits • Roughness gauges • Inspection tools • Porosimeters


Powder thickness gauges • Coating thickness gauges • Wall thickness gauges • Wet film thickness gauges • Film thickness monitors ● Shims

Mechanical tests

Adhesion testers • Grid combs • Stamping, bending, scratch test equipment ● Surface hardness ● Sclerometers • Abrasimeters • Rigidimeters


Shore / DIDC / micro-DIDC durometers • Standard blocks • Barcol durometers


Density meters • Picnometers • Scales • Sample cutters • Fineness of grinding • Permeability • Drying time • Minimum formation temperature of ƒlm Gradient oven • Flash point

Temperature - Hygrometry PH - Conductivity

Temperature and humidity loggers • Thermometers • Thermo-hygrometers • Thermal cameras • Humidimeters • PH-meters • Conductimeters

HangOn Division

Hanging and masking solutions for the painting process • Suspension swings • Hooks • Adhesives and masking papers • Savings

SiLi Division

Glitter and decorative balls • Glass and ceramic grinding balls • Precision balls

Technical days

Colorimetry • Viscosity / Rheology • Luminous aging / Corrosion

After sales service

Maintenance and calibration services for devices in the range • Order form


There are 277 products.

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4-Sided film applicators quadruplex

The 4-Sided Film Applicator (Quadruplex) has four application sides for applying paint films with four different predefined thicknesses, in film  width 60 or 80 mm. One side of the applicator is supplied with a guidance support for straight application. This support may be removed as well. The high grade stainless steel will not be affected by acid or...


AB3600 drying time logger

AB3600 drying time logger The AB3600 recorder is a device for measuring the drying time of paints, varnishes and adhesives using needles moving at constant speed on glass plates on which the products to be tested have been deposited. Thanks to its digital interface, the speed of movement can be easily modified according to your needs to evaluate drying...


AB6000 Wet Abrasimeter

Used to conduct dry or wet abrasion and washability tests on flat specimens to determine the resistance of paints, varnishes and coatings to dry or wet rubbing wear. Also suitable for testing the resistance of plastics (melamine worktops, household appliances, etc.) by simulating the daily action of brushes, sponges and abrasive pads, as well as the...


Abrasion tests on TB5000 metal cans

The CAT Comprehensive Abrasion Test is a universal testing machine for testing the abrasion resistance of coatings on beverage cans and flat materials. The reciprocating motion mimics abrasion damage to coatings during transport in the field. Equivalent to the Gavarti 'GV-CAT' system. The CAT abrasimeter is used for quality control in coating testing...


Angular applicators 1 opening

Angular film applicators with 1 flat edge, i.e. 1 predefined thickness. They are suitable for the application of many products on flat and relatively rigid substrates. They are made of high quality stainless steel and are not altered by acidic or alkaline products.


Angular applicators 4 openings

Prism-shaped film applicators with 4 application sides, i.e. 4 different predefined thicknesses. They are suitable for the application of many products on flat and relatively rigid substrates. They are made of high quality stainless steel and are not altered by acidic or alkaline products.


Barcol durometer

Easy-to-use durometer for checking the hardness of most materials (aluminum and aluminum alloy, soft metals, plastics, fiberglass, rubber, leather, etc.).Measures hardness according to the Barcol scale, correlation with Vickers, Rockwell and Brinell hardness


Battery test chamber

The big automobile groups are betting on electric cars running on batteries. The trend is growing and it is therefore not surprising that an increasing number of companies are building their own battery factories.


Binder ovens

Ideal ovens for rapid drying or for storing products in perfectly controlled temperature conditions thanks to the patented APT.line preheating chamber with electronic regulation.


BK drying time loggers

Each of the needles of the needle holder moves at a constant adjustable speed on a glass plate on which the product to be tested has been applied beforehand. A time scale fixed on the casing makes it possible to determine the times corresponding to each stage of the drying process: solvent evaporation time, dust free, tack free, through dry.


Reference: Viscosimètre ICI Brookfield CAP

Brookfield CAP1000 + / -2000 + Cone-Plate Viscometers

The Brookfield CAP 1000+ / CAP 2000+ viscometers are ICI type viscometers with cone-plate geometry and imposed speed allowing rapid measurement, at controlled temperature, on small sample volumes. This is a characterization at high shear rate on products such as paints, varnishes, inks, resins and petroleum products.


Reference: Rhéomètre Brookfield PFT

Brookfield PFT Powder Flow Tester Rheometer

The Powder Flow Tester (PFT) rheometer for powder is used to control powders and similar products (flour, powdered milk, cement, raw materials, pharmaceuticals ...) on receipt, to perform a rapid characterization of their flow and '' assess their discharge due to storage.


Reference: Rhéomètre Brookfield RSO

Brookfield RSO Oscillation Rheometer

Brookfield puts viscoelasticity measurements at your fingertips! The Quick Test functionality of the Brookfield RSO Rheometer allows testing within minutes. The RSO Stand-alone mode with easy-to-use interface makes it simple for QC Users, it can also help in Viscoelastic measurements by providing R&D users with advanced testing capabilities. RSO...


Reference: Brookfield Viscometer DVPlus

Brookfield Viscometer DVPlus

DVPlus viscometers are Budget viscometer with advanced best-in-class feature They have a large 5-inch touch screen, a very easy-to-use interface perfectly suited to use in the laboratory or in production. With DVPlus viscometers you get: high precision, fast response time and reproducible results. Can be interfaced with a computer using the optional...


CAC & CAC-LED light booths

CAC lighting booths make it possible to objectively assess colors, compare their variations and control metamerism by providing uniform illumination with different types of possible illuminants.CAC-LED light booths allow you to exactly simulate the lights of modern sockets.


Circular wet film gauges

A calibrated wheel fitted with an eccentric inner disc is rolled on the wet film until a trace appears on the inner disc.The wet thickness measurement corresponds to the position of the end of the impression.


Crockmeter 418

Manual model allowing the evaluation of color transfer, bleeding and abrasion resulting from the dry or wet friction of textile materials (fabric, carpet, leather, etc.) against other flat surfaces. It can also be used to perform smear tests of images printed by a printer or copier.


CT3 Texturometer

Reliable and easy-to-use instrument, ideal and complementary to consistometers, viscometers and rheometers for the characterization of food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical or various materials.The CT3 texturometer can reproduce most constraints using a wide range of accessories and preset programs. The principle consists of applying tensile or compressive...


Cutting tool for PosiTest AT studs

The stud cutting tool is an instrument specially designed to remove adhesive residue around the stud and to cut the loose coating for adhesion tests. Removing too much glue by hand and cutting the loose coating from the substrate is heavy and difficult work especially when inspectors need to perform multiple tests per day. This can cause sore wrists and...


Cuvettes for LICO colorimeters

Cuvettes for LICO colorimeters are available in 6 forms:Plastic cuvettes 50 x 10 mm.11 mm diameter glass cuvettes (without stopper).11 mm diameter glass cuvettes (with stopper).10 x 10 mm glass cuvettes.10 x 10 mm plastic cuvettes.50 x 10 mm glass cuvettes.


DC9000 boat hull roughness gauge

Controlling the roughness of a boat's hull plays an important economic and ecological role. Composed of a control unit with neck strap as well as a sensor equipped with 3 non-slip wheels and a carbide stylus, the device is moved horizontally on the surface of the vessel and collects a series of measurements.



Simple and economical solution to produce high quality type 2 purified water (NO RELEASE / NO STORAGE) with a high flow rate. Simple and economical solution to produce high quality purified water for aging chambers, salt spray chambers, cyclic corrosion chambers, climatic chambers and others.


DPM precision thermo-hygrometer

Measures and records climatic parameters including: • relative humidity• air temperature• surface temperature• dew point temperature• temperature difference between the surface and the dew point• Ideal for surface preparation as required by ISO 8502-4.


Duo.Visc capillary viscometer

The Duo.Visc capillary viscometer allows simultaneous kinematic viscosity measurement on two samples.Capillary viscometer according to ASTM D445, ASTM D2270, ISO 3104, ISO 2909 ...Composed of two measuring heads and two Peltier effect temperature control systems (18-105 ° C)Compact, precise, ideal for measuring oils at two different temperatures as often...


dust analysis kit SP3200

Dust present on stripped surfaces can reduce the adhesion of the coating, causing premature wear and non-conformities byagainst application specifications. The dust analysis kit is used to assess the quantity and size of dust particles on surfaces prepared for painting.


Esiproof manual scraped applicator

This portable unit makes it possible to produce full or half-tone flexo proofs quickly and economically. The film creation is quite unique by the use of a doctor blade on the anilox roller which enables quality proofing with high viscosity inks such as UV flexo inks.


H-300DS electronic density meter

The Hildebrand Model H-300DS Density Meter is a cost effective instrument for calculating specific gravity with a higher resolution of 0.001. The system is suitable for checking plastics, rubber, films, liquids, sintered metals, ceramics, glass and other non-metallic materials. The value is displayed automatically after the elapsed time.


ICI VF2095 Pressure Hydrometer

The pressure applied by the device makes it possible to expel the air trapped in the liquids during their manufacture to make it negligible, thus improving the precision and the repeatability of measurement of their density by weighing.


IVisc capillary viscometer

The iVisc capillary viscometer allows the measurement of the kinematic viscosity of your productsCapillary viscometer according to DIN 51562, ASTM D445Fully automatic measurement and analysisSimple “Plug & Play” installation


K Lox automatic applicator

The K Lox Automatic Proofer provides reproducible speed and pressure for high-precision flexo proofing. This machine is recommended when repeatability is essential, for example for basic color creation or when a number of operators are involved.


Karsten LI7500 tubes

Simple test to measure the degree of water penetration in building materials such as concrete, stone and plaster. A glass tube filled with water is bound to the sample by plastilin. Water pressure is then exerted on the surface. A graduated scale indicates the amount of water that enters the surface over time.


Reference: Viscosimètre Krebs Brookfield KU

Krebs Brookfield KU-3 Viscometer

The Krebs Brookfield KU-3 viscometer allows you to obtain a result directly in Krebs units, cP or grams.The Krens Brookfield KY-3 viscometer is widely used in the paint, ink and varnish industry.


LD0500 concrete hammer

Device designed to control the quality of concrete and other building materials and its compressive strength. The automatic hammer recoil force displayed on the scale indicates the strength of the concrete.


LI0055 Carbide Moisture Meter

This precision moisture meter enables the detection of relative humidity in concrete, cement, sand and other building materials. The water in the sample reacts with the calcium carbide, producing an increase in pressure in the cell proportional to the residual moisture content.


Lico 620 spectrophotometer

The new Lico 620 measures the color of optically transparent colored liquids with reference beam technology. Measures up to 5 ISO / ASTM color scales.Ideal for the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum and food-processing industries, the Lico 620 spectrophotometer allows the objective evaluation of the color of optically transparent colored liquids.


Lico 690 spectrophotometer

The new Lico 690 measures the color of optically transparent colored liquids with reference beam technology. Measures up to 26 ISO / ASTM color scales.Ideal for the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum and food-processing industries, the Lico 690 spectrophotometer allows the objective evaluation of the color of optically transparent colored liquids.


MA-5 QC multi-angle spectrophotometer

The MA-5 QC is an economical multi-angle colorimetry instrument designed to ensure color harmony throughout the supply chain. With an optics ideally placed at the end, it is 60 % faster, 50 % lighter and 40 % more compact than any other five-angle unit on the market. It allows operators to easily position it with one hand and capture more readings per hour.


Manual penetrometer K19500

Tests the resistance to the penetration of solid and semi-solid products such as petroleum products (bitumens, waxes, greases ...), cosmetics (creams, toothpastes ...), agro-food (pastes, cheeses, jams, etc. .) and others.


Multi-Finger Scratch Tester Taber 710

Initially developed to meet automotive specifications, this device is ideal for evaluating plastics, paints, floor coverings, etc. Five independent tungsten carbide tools mounted on more or less loaded sliding axes exert a vertical load on the sample to be tested, positioned on a table moving by pneumatic system.


Non-contact measuring devices for body temperature

Thermography is the ideal method for scanning both individuals and large crowds. The temperature is measured at the inner corner of the eye and an alarm is triggered if it is outside the normal values. Thus, people with increased body temperature can be detected quickly and reliably in order to separate them for further monitoring.


Novo-Gloss 45 glossmeter

The Rhopoint Novo-Gloss 45º measures gloss using a 45 ° geometry often specified in the ceramics, metallurgy and film manufacturing industries.Measurement of the gloss of plastic films according to ASTM D2457Measurement of the gloss of ceramics according to ASTM C346


Novo-Gloss 60 degrees glossmeter

The Novo-Gloss 60 degree glossmeter is suitable for measuring gloss in most applications, from matt to high gloss finishes.This high specification portable glossmeter is suitable for use in many environments, including laboratories and production areas, and is the ideal choice for general gloss measurements of a variety of substrates and industrial...


Novo-Shade Duo+ opacity meter

45°/0° reflectometer for measuring the opacity of coatings, plastic films and sheets of paper, the intensity of a shade on a gray scale and the cleanliness of a support. Continuous measurement mode. Statistics and graphical analysis. Data transfer via Bluetooth or USB connection. According to ISO 2814, ISO 6504, BS 3900 ‐ D4, D7, ASTM E97, ASTM E1347,...


Paste Ink Proofer PIP Applicator

Sample press for fast and reproducible color preparation of litho, offset and letterpress inks (high viscosity viscous inks). This machine is unique in its use, an automatic ink dosing system eliminates the need to weigh or measure ink samples. Interchangeable engraved cylinders are used to produce prints of different densities.


PosiTest AIR Leak Leak Detector

The PosiTest AIR Leak allows a simple, fast and precise detection of water or air leaks in rigid constructions or assemblies, joints, welds ... The leak detection liquid is applied to the surface to be checked before coming to the plate. sealed measuring chamber to achieve controlled depressurization. The presence of an air leak is indicated by the...


Reference: PowderChecker

Powder thickness gauge before baking PosiTest Powder Checker

The Powder Checker is a non-contact ultrasonic measuring device that predicts before baking the final thickness that will be obtained after baking. Thickness problems are detected immediately in order to adjust the powdering parameters without having to wait for the first pieces to come out of the oven. This makes it possible to optimize the application,...


Q-FOG CCT Corrosion Chamber

Recognized worldwide for their performance, extreme reliability and unparalleled ease of use, Q-FOG salt spray enclosures manufactured by Q-Lab Corporation have been the quality benchmark on the market for over 20 years.


Q-SUN xenon arc aging chambers

The sun, heat and humidity cause very expensive damage every year. The phenomena of discoloration, yellowing, loss of appearance properties but also cracking, cracks, occur both indoors and outdoors. Q-Sun Xenon aging chambers, manufactured by QLab corporation, simulate degradation caused by the entire solar spectrum, temperature and humidity.


Quick Connect Adapter

Allows the rapid assembly / disassembly of standard mobiles on all Brookfield viscometers with conventional geometry and the Helipath system by sliding the fixing ring holding the 2 connections.


Rheo3000 software (option)

The Rheo3000 software is used to control the RST and RS Plus rheometers and to control the stress or the shear rate. The use of multi-step programs makes the qualification of any product possible: average viscosity, yield point, thixotropy, etc.