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Brookfield rheometers

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Brookfield rheometers

This subcategory includes Brookfield rheometers

They exist in three main families:

  • Imposed speed gradient (shear rate) rheometers: Brookfield rheometers DVNext models
  • Shear stress or imposed shear rate rheometers: Brookfield rheometers RST and RS PLUS models
  • Brookfield Oscillating Rheometers RSO model
  • Brookfield rheometer model PFT

On Labomat, discover rheometer models to study the resistance of a product to deformations and stresses. On our platform, we allow you to access the two main families of rheometers:

• the Brookfield imposed velocity gradient rheometer model DVNext: efficiently measure the yield point and viscosity within the framework of quality control and R&D.

• The Brookfield RST shear stress or imposed shear rate rheometer: determine the rheological characteristics of a viscoelastic or viscous product. These are tools that allow precise determination of the flow characteristics of a product. They exist in a portable format. Thanks to specific software, you can control your RST and RS Plus rheometers, but also control the shear rate and stress. This software allows data to be saved and to plot viscosity curves.

• The Brookfield RSO oscillating rheometer: used to measure the rheological properties of viscoelastic products. It allows measurements in amplitude sweep and frequency sweep.

Brookfield Powder Analyzer - Powder Rheometer

If a rheometer makes it possible to determine the flow characteristics of a liquid, a more specific model makes it possible to measure the rheological properties of powders.

This is a powder analyzer (also called a powder rheometer) that you will find in this category.

The proposed model is a powder rheometer from the Brookfield brand, a benchmark in the field.

The Brookfield powder analyzer allows:

  • To control the rheological properties of all types of powder products such as cement, powdered milk or flour, etc.
  • To optimize your product according to the desired flow properties, in particular with regard to their use, storage or unloading
  • Determine the industrial parameters of your silos or hoppers in order to avoid storage and unloading problems and thus be able to precisely dose the quantities of powders delivered by your facilities (especially for pharmaceutical applications)

With two measuring cells to choose from (standard or low volume), the device is delivered with a measuring disc for friction tests and a cell disc for intrinsic flow tests, its calibration certificate, its mode of use and an accessory kit.

The device works thanks to the Powder Flow Pro control and analysis software which allows the use of standard or customized programs and standard or advanced calculations according to your needs. As an option, it is possible to offer a temperature probe, a humidity probe and measuring discs using the same materials and / or coatings as those available in your manufacturing process.

The Labomat company was founded in 1992. Since then, we have been specializing in the distribution of scientific materials and specialties for research, quality control and production in France. To satisfy our customers, even the most demanding, we are expanding our catalog of top quality products, from renowned brands specializing in the manufacture of instruments, production equipment and specialties.

This is particularly the case of the company Brookfield Ametek. Its viscometers are a benchmark for their reliability, precision and ease of use. We are able to meet the expectations of industries for which the characterization of the physical properties of materials and surfaces is fundamental.

In addition to the marketing of instruments, we also provide maintenance and repair of various laboratory devices such as the rheometer, climatic chamber, porosimeter, thermo-hygrometer, etc. Our after-sales service also includes the calibration of your equipment. This process must be carried out every year to validate the tests already carried out. Our services can be done in the workshop. We can also come to your site. We operate throughout France and abroad. Having followed initial training and other regular training with our partners, our team is also at your disposal for tests and demonstrations, but also for technical advice.

During the technical days, you will have the opportunity to optimize the use of your instruments. These training courses focus on different topics such as viscosity and rheology, aging and corrosion, or colorimetry. Do not hesitate to consult our website for information on new products and upcoming exhibitions. You can send us your request for a quote via our online platform. In addition, we make it a point of honor to always have at our disposal a substantial stock of the thousands of references that we offer. Thus, we are sure to always meet your needs as quickly as possible. The parcel can be sent by DHL if it weighs less than 30 kg. The shipping of large and heavy packages is carried out by a carrier.

Brookfield rheometers

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Reference: Viscosimètre ICI Brookfield CAP

Brookfield CAP1000 + / -2000 + Cone-Plate Viscometers

The Brookfield CAP 1000+ / CAP 2000+ viscometers are ICI type viscometers with cone-plate geometry and imposed speed allowing rapid measurement, at controlled temperature, on small sample volumes. This is a characterization at high shear rate on products such as paints, varnishes, inks, resins and petroleum products.


Reference: Rhéomètre Brookfield PFT

Brookfield PFT Powder Flow Tester Rheometer

The Powder Flow Tester (PFT) rheometer for powder is used to control powders and similar products (flour, powdered milk, cement, raw materials, pharmaceuticals ...) on receipt, to perform a rapid characterization of their flow and '' assess their discharge due to storage.


Reference: Rhéomètre Brookfield RSO

Brookfield RSO Oscillation Rheometer

Brookfield puts viscoelasticity measurements at your fingertips! The Quick Test functionality of the Brookfield RSO Rheometer allows testing within minutes. The RSO Stand-alone mode with easy-to-use interface makes it simple for QC Users, it can also help in Viscoelastic measurements by providing R&D users with advanced testing capabilities. RSO...


Reference: Rhéomètre Brookfield RSX

RSX rheometers

RSX touch screen rheometers can work in velocity, velocity gradient or imposed stress, thus allowing the rheological characterization of viscous or visco-elastic products. Available in several measurement geometries: cone/plane (RSX-CPS Cone/Plan model), plane/plane (RSX-CPS Plan/Plan model), coaxial cylinders (RSX-CC model) or with vane spindles (RSX...