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This sub-category includes our glossmeters with integrated reading. Measurements under one or more angles (20/60/85 °)

The glossmeter is a measuring instrument necessary for determining the gloss of a surface (specular reflection of a surface).

When choosing your glossmeter, you must take into account the level of reflected light and the application of the surface. At Labomat Essor, we provide you with a well-supplied catalog of glossmeters:

SoloGloss / PolyGloss glossmeters

SoloGloss / PolyGloss gloss meters for fast and efficient measurement of the gloss of flat surfaces in the laboratory as well as in a production workshop. These instruments are equipped with the scan function and a USB output to allow data transfer.

The Novo-Curve benchtop glossmeter

The Novo-Curve benchtop glossmeter for measuring the specular reflection of curved surfaces or parts with an angle of 60 °.

The gloss meters Novo-Gloss 60 °, Novo-Gloss 45 °, Novo-Gloss 20/60/85 ° with Haze according to ASTM E430, Novo-Gloss Trio

The Novo-Gloss 60 °, Novo-Gloss 45 °, Novo-Gloss 20/60/85 ° glossmeters with Haze according to ASTM E430, Novo-Gloss Trio of the Rhopoint brand are glossmeters which exist in one or more geometries and which for some may measure the Haze simultaneously.

Labomat Essor provides you with ergonomic instruments. We offer training to all our customers, to enable them to make optimal use of the equipment purchased. At Labomat Essor, we offer scientific equipment for research, quality control and production. We are proud to be one of the leading French companies in the market for the marketing of these types of instruments.

For nearly 30 years, our company has been marketing reliable and quality equipment. We therefore collaborate with major manufacturers of specialty and production instruments. Labomat Essor is involved in many sectors of activity where the measurement of the physical properties of surfaces and materials is necessary. Our team is made up of efficient and experienced professionals able to guide you towards the instruments that suit your activity. Our technical staff is able to organize demonstrations, tests, commissioning or installation of each of your instruments. Depending on your needs, we can come to your workshop or to your site for regular maintenance or a calibration check. Our technicians are also at your entire disposal for any replacement of parts and for troubleshooting.

So that you can always get your equipment as quickly as possible, we keep a large stock of instruments. Our engineers and staff regularly receive training in order to be able to analyze your expectations in detail and thus offer you the instruments suited to your needs and your activity. Our technicians have a certified qualification on our entire range of marketed products. The partners we represent regularly provide our team with sales and after-sales service training.

For you, we offer technical training days to assist you in the perfect use of your equipment purchased from Labomat. We offer various technical training courses on the principles of colorimetry, from viscosity to rheology, introduction to atmospheric corrosion tests, natural and accelerated aging on UV and Xenon.

Do not hesitate to visit our website to stay up to date with the latest technological innovations in scientific instruments. On our online portal, we also inform you of exhibition appointments with Labomat Essor. Send your quote request. Download our various documentation now and contact us.


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Novo-Gloss 60 degrees glossmeter

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The Novo-Gloss 60 degree glossmeter is suitable for measuring gloss in most applications, from matt to high gloss finishes.This high specification portable glossmeter is suitable for use in many environments, including laboratories and production areas, and is the ideal choice for general gloss measurements of a variety of substrates and industrial...


Novo-Gloss 45 glossmeter

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The Rhopoint Novo-Gloss 45º measures gloss using a 45 ° geometry often specified in the ceramics, metallurgy and film manufacturing industries.Measurement of the gloss of plastic films according to ASTM D2457Measurement of the gloss of ceramics according to ASTM C346


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