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Film Application

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Film Applicators and Filmographers

This category includes our solutions for applying films, paints, inks, etc.

  • Manual applicators
  • Automatic applicators
  • Automatic ink applicators
  • Pilot applicators
  • Filmographers
  • LENETA Application Cards
  • Q-PANEL test panels in steel, aluminum or Qualicoat aluminum
Film Application

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K Hand Coater Manual Applicators

The K Hand Coater or KHC is a simple and efficient way to apply liquid products like paint, ink, glue, etc. on many supports such as paper, cardboard, plastic films, sheets, metal or glass plates, wood ... Two or more coatings can be applied side to side in a single operation, making the system ideal for comparing products.


Esiproof manual scraped applicator

This portable unit makes it possible to produce full or half-tone flexo proofs quickly and economically. The film creation is quite unique by the use of a doctor blade on the anilox roller which enables quality proofing with high viscosity inks such as UV flexo inks.


KPP automatic ink applicators

High quality proofs using flexo or rotogravure inks are produced in an instant with the K Printing Proofer. Featuring electronically engraved printing plates, it is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in the manufacture and use of inks.


VCML / VCM pilot machines

The VCML is designed to print, deposit and laminate all types of flexible media (paper, plastic films, metallized films, etc.) on a reel-to-reel basis. Its many application processes make it an ideal pilot machine for product development, quality control and small-scale low-volume production.


Q-PANEL test panels

Internationally recognized, Q-Panel test panels offer a reproducible and uniform test surface to assess the visual (color, gloss, orange peel) and physical (abrasion, adhesion, impact, bending, thickness, hardness, etc.) properties, but also to carry out tests for corrosion, aging, chemical resistance, curing, drying, etc.


Spreading and dripping applicators

The spread and sag applicator is a special film applicator with dual function: one side with 10 openings from 75 to 300 microns to test the tendency to sag (due to gravity depending on film thickness), the other side with 5 pairs of notches of increasing depth made to create sets of two strips of film (the fusion of the strips can be assessed to define...


K Lox automatic applicator

The K Lox Automatic Proofer provides reproducible speed and pressure for high-precision flexo proofing. This machine is recommended when repeatability is essential, for example for basic color creation or when a number of operators are involved.


Angular applicators 4 openings

Prism-shaped film applicators with 4 application sides, i.e. 4 different predefined thicknesses. They are suitable for the application of many products on flat and relatively rigid substrates. They are made of high quality stainless steel and are not altered by acidic or alkaline products.


Angular applicators 1 opening

Angular film applicators with 1 flat edge, i.e. 1 predefined thickness. They are suitable for the application of many products on flat and relatively rigid substrates. They are made of high quality stainless steel and are not altered by acidic or alkaline products.


Paste Ink Proofer PIP Applicator

Sample press for fast and reproducible color preparation of litho, offset and letterpress inks (high viscosity viscous inks). This machine is unique in its use, an automatic ink dosing system eliminates the need to weigh or measure ink samples. Interchangeable engraved cylinders are used to produce prints of different densities.


4-Sided film applicators quadruplex

The 4-Sided Film Applicator (Quadruplex) has four application sides for applying paint films with four different predefined thicknesses, in film  width 60 or 80 mm. One side of the applicator is supplied with a guidance support for straight application. This support may be removed as well. The high grade stainless steel will not be affected by acid or...