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Labomat Essor is a company specializing in the sale and maintenance of measuring equipment for industry.

Our customers regularly ask us the same types of questions, for example

How does a colorimeter work?

How do I calibrate my viscometer?

Which salt spray to choose?

How do I test the durability of my products using UV or Xenon enclosures?

Which thickness gauge to choose?

How to carry out abrasion tests?

This is why we group together in this category the questions most frequently asked by our customers in the following areas:

  • Color FAQ
  • Shine FAQ
  • FAQ Viscosity - Rheology
  • Texture FAQ
  • Mixing - Dispersion FAQ
  • Film Application FAQ
  • Aging FAQ - Photostability
  • FAQ Climatic Tests
  • Corrosion Testing FAQ
  • Anticorrosion FAQ - Surface
  • FAQ Thickness
  • Mechanical Tests FAQ
  • Hardness FAQ
  • Balances - Density FAQ
  • FAQ PH - Conductivity
  • FAQ Temperature - Hygrometry
  • FAQ Other tests
  • HangOn Masking Hook FAQ
  • Faq balls - SiLi sequins
  • FAQ Our services


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Reference: PosiTector

Which probes can I use with my PosiTector device?

The PosiTector box is a multifunction measuring device which is the ideal tool to support you in your various measurements.Compatible with many types of probes it will adapt to your needs.Connected, it is compatible with many software solutions on computer, tablet, smartphone, in the cloud or linked to third-party applications.