About us 

Since 1992, Labomat Essor has been one of the French leaders in the distribution of scientific and specialty equipment for research, industrial control and production.

We offer the know-how of the largest international manufacturers of instruments, production equipment and specialties.

We are present in many industries where the characterization of the physical properties of materials and surfaces needs to be determined. Labomat Essor is also a team at your service for any technical advice, documentation, price offer, demonstration, start-up and training.

It is also an efficient After-Sales Service capable of intervening in the workshop or on site for maintenance or verification of the calibration of your devices. Finally, there are thousands of references in stock to guarantee you the best delivery times.

Labomat Essor offers the following products and services:

Measuring and testing instruments:
  • Color: Colorimeters, spectrocolorimeters, light booths, color charts and other color measuring devices Brightness:
  • Glossmeters, opacimeters and other appearance measuring devices
  • Viscosity - Rheology: Brookfield viscosimeters, Brookfield rheometers, viscosity cups and viscosity standard oils
  • Texture: Brookfield texturometers, consistometers and other texture measuring devices
  • Mixing - Dispersion: Mixer, dispersers and ball mills
  • Film Application: Manual or automatic film applicators, Q-Panel test panels or Leneta contrast card
  • Aging - Photostability: Light aging enclosure (Xenon enclosures or UV enclosures) to simulate the aging of products subjected to light or bad weather
  • Climatic tests: Ovens, incubator, climatic chambers, humid chambers, condensation chambers allowing tests to be carried out at regulated temperature and / or humidity.
  • Corrosion tests: Salt spray chambers, Cyclic corrosion chambers for testing the corrosion resistance of parts or structures
  • Anticorrosion - Surface: Roughness meters, porosimeters and other surface condition measuring devices Thickness: Coating thickness or total thickness measuring devices
  • Mechanical tests: Tear adhesion, grid test, bending, stamping, impact tests, scratch abrasion tests ...
  • Hardness: Durometers for rubbers and plastics
  • Scales - Density
  • PH - Conductivity
  • Temperature- Hygrometry

HangOn hanging and masking solution:

These are hooks, frames, caps, caps, masking adhesives used in liquid or powder paint (powder coating)

  • Paint hooks
  • Suspension systems
  • Hole masking
  • Masking for flat surfaces
  • Masking for axes
  • Accessories for handling handling

Beads and glitters Sili:

These are glass beads, ceramic beads and flakes produced by the company Sigmund Lindner Gmbh

  • SiLibeads Glass Beads
  • SiLiglit Glitter 

Services :

Labomat Essor has a team of engineers and technicians who offer the following services:

  • Technical days
  • Consulting - Training
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance - calibration: Maintenance, Repair, Calibration - Certification