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Our services

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A team at your service

Our priority is to satisfy our customers. We rely on our team of experts at your service to guarantee you quick and efficient solutions.

Workshop or on-site intervention

Our after-sales service has a workshop to operate on certain equipment and a reactive team that travels throughout France, neighboring countries and internationally.

Our services

  • - Technical advice
  • - Installation of instruments
  • - training
  • - Calibration
  • - Maintenance
  • - Repair
More details on our services:

Annual calibration

It is recommended to have the measuring equipment calibrated annually. This service is the best way to validate past tests and to guarantee future tests.

A complete service

Quality standards require ensuring that the devices used are certified. Our company brings you solutions with complete maintenance, a check of proper operation before and after intervention, up-to-date certification and an intervention report integrating the measurement chain connected to international standards.

After sales service

We offer maintenance, calibration checks and repairs in the workshop or on site.

Approved services

Our team is regularly trained and approved by our partners. We ensure a quality of service in accordance with their official procedures.

Field of intervention

Our know-how and our versatility allow us to work on any type of laboratory device: viscometer, rheometer, salt spray chamber, accelerated aging chamber, climatic chamber, durometer, thickness gauge, glossmeter, spectrocolorimeter, abrasimeter, porosimeter, adhesion tester, thermo-hygrometer, oven temperature recorder ...


After Sales Manager

01 48 09 98 79

Responsible workshop

Christophe PLUMEREZ
01 48 09 66 10

Our services

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Q-Lab maintenance and calibration

Preventive, curative maintenance, calibration of salt spray chambers, Q-FOG cyclic corrosion chambers Preventive, curative maintenance, calibration of QUV UV aging chambers Preventive, curative maintenance, calibration of Q-Sun Xenon aging enclosures Preventive and curative maintenance, calibration of QCT condensation enclosures