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In this category Labomat Essor groups together shine measuring devices

Shine is an important parameter to take into account because it changes our perception of colors and shapes.

Our glossmeters are delivered with their gauge block and their calibration certificate.

They exist in fixed or portable models, for flat or curved surfaces, with small opening etc ...

The gloss measurement consists in illuminating the surface under one or more measurement angles and measuring the reflected light intensity. The intensity of the specular reflection is measured in units of brightness (UB). Gloss units are calculated from a calibrated scale. This is based on the refractive index of a black, polished glass standard with a specular reflectance corresponding to 100 BU. It is therefore not a percentage of reflected light but a quantity expressed in units of brightness. We can therefore have shine up to 2000UB (mirror gloss)

The most frequently used measuring angles are 20 60 and 85 °

For measuring matt surfaces, the angle of 85 ° is recommended For measuring satin surfaces, the angle of 60 ° is recommended

For measuring shiny surfaces, the angle of 20 ° is recommended

However, 60 ° glossmeters can be used regardless of the gloss of the surface.

The most common standards are DIN 67530, ISO 2813, ISO 7668, ASTM D523, ASTM D2457, ASTM C584, BS 3900 D5, AS 1580 (602.2), JIS Z 8741, MFT 30064

Labomat Essor offers

  • Glossmeters
  • Separate probe gloss meters
  • Special gloss meters, orange peel meters, opacimeters, cryptometers


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