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Brookfield Accessories

With our optional accessories for Brookfield viscometers or rheometers, you will be able to extend the range of use of your Brookfield viscometers and rheometers.

Adapter for low volumes Smal Sample Adapter SSA :

Use this adapter on your classic geometry Brookfield viscometers and rheometers to measure the viscosity of small volume products from 2 to 16 ml.

Ultra Low Adapter ULA low viscosity adapters:

Using this accessory that can be used with your Brookfield viscometers and rheometers, measure low viscosity Newtonian and non-Newtonian products with a ULA kit for Ultra low adapter.

HELIPATH system:

This kit, which can be adapted to Brookfield viscometers and rheometers, guarantees you the measurement of very viscous products such as gels and creams. The Helipath device is equipped with T-shaped mobiles which generates a helical movement perfectly suited to products which do not flow naturally.

Spiral adapter:

Determine the absolute viscosity of a very pasty product with this accessory.


Measure the viscosity of a product at high temperature thanks to the thermosel oven allowing measurements up to 300 ° C. This device with coaxial geometry allows the measurement of the absolute viscosity of bitumens and hot melt adhesives for example.

Standard oils:

Use these oils to carry out the metrological control of your viscometer.

Thermostatic baths and cryothermostats:

Regulate the temperature of your products with Brookfield circulation baths.

For nearly 30 years, Labomat has been operating in France in the distribution sector of instruments for research, production and quality control. Our company has established itself on the French market thanks to our know-how and our impeccable service. Above all, we focus on top quality products made by internationally renowned brands, such as Brookfield or Sigmund Lindner.

At Labomat, we also have a stock of thousands of references to guarantee you better availability and delivery as soon as possible. Addressing our team for all your device needs for an application in the field of light aging, color and of course viscosity, is to benefit from tailor-made support through our technical advice.

At Labomat, all of our technicians and technical sales engineers have followed an initial training guaranteeing them perfect control of all the devices we sell. Calling on Labomat is also an irreproachable after-sales service.

The team in charge of this service regularly follows training courses provided by the companies with which we collaborate. Our expertise allows us to perform maintenance, verification of your devices as well as their workshop calibration. Mobile, our team can also visit your site in France or abroad. We are also at your disposal for the installation and commissioning of your devices.

As we distribute fairly complex scientific equipment, we regularly organize technical days to help you fully master your equipment. Depending on the theme, these training courses are aimed at technical directors, engineers, technicians, but also designers.

Four themes are generally offered, including colorimetry, viscosity and rheology. These technical days are set up with experts and can be held on your premises or during inter-company days.

Brookfield Accessories

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SSA adapter for low volumes

Adaptable to all Brookfield viscometers with classic geometry, the SSA (Small Sample Adapter) kit consists of a coaxial cylindrical mobile of your choice, a measuring chamber and a thermo-regulated double jacket by thermostatic bath.


ULA / ULA-DIN adapters for low viscosities

Adaptable to all Brookfield viscometers, the ULA (Ultra Low Adapter) kit allows precise and repeatable measurement of Newtonian and non-Newtonian products of low viscosities (up to 1 cP). A coaxial cylindrical mobile rotates inside a chamber containing the sample and having a removable cap allowing direct use in a beaker. When in place, the then closed...


TC-150 / -250 / -550 / -650 baths

Brookfield offers a wide range of thermostatic and refrigerated baths that can accommodate both one or several beakers and regulate a double jacket (SSA, ULA, ULA-DIN, Wells cone / plane viscometers and rheometers RST-CC and RST-CPS) via an external circulation.


Quick Connect Adapter

Allows the rapid assembly / disassembly of standard mobiles on all Brookfield viscometers with conventional geometry and the Helipath system by sliding the fixing ring holding the 2 connections.