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Portable spectrocolorimeters

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Portable spectrocolorimeters

This sub-category includes our portable color measuring devices (spectrocolorimeters)

  • X-Rite Ci6x integrating sphere spectrocolorimeters
  • X-Rite Exact 45/0 ° geometry spectrocolorimeters

For fast and efficient color control no matter where you are, use a portable spectrocolorimeter.

On our page, we put at your disposal our instruments manufactured by the company X-RITE, one of the world leaders in the manufacture of spectrolorimeters with an international reputation.


The Ci60, Ci62, Ci64 and Ci64UV spectocolorimeters

The Ci60, Ci62, Ci64 and Ci64UV spectocolorimeters which have an integrating sphere made of polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE. Capable of storing up to 1000 different standards - with tolerance - and around 4000 samples, this type of portable instrument has a correlated brightness value of 60 ° C and standard observers of 2 ° and 10 °. It allows simultaneous measurement in specular included and specular mode excluded, following all standard illuminants and all standard observers

The advanced 45 ° / 0 ° eXact spectrophotometer

The advanced 45 ° / 0 ° eXact spectrophotometer which evaluates color exactly as it is seen by humans. Delivered with its certified gauge block, this instrument benefits from an ultra modern touch screen. Equipped with 3 different measurement modes, it can be connected via Bluetooth and USB.

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Portable spectrocolorimeters

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