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Gloss meters with separate probe

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Gloss meters with separate probe

This sub-category includes our gloss meters with separate probe perfectly suited to uneven or difficult-to-access parts.

At Labomat, we provide our customers with a set of scientific equipment adapted to different needs.

The gloss meters offered in our catalog are especially designed to measure the gloss of different surfaces. You can opt for one of our separate probe glossmeter models according to your needs:

PC-controlled glossmeters: accurately measure several parts of various shapes using the glossmeter controlled by the GlossTool software.

Gloss meters in single-angle or multi-angle configuration: objectively evaluate the gloss on different measuring surfaces.

Novo-Gloss Flex 60 gloss meters: easy access to restricted and hard-to-reach areas, as well as curved surfaces. The range of glossmeters with separate probe offered by Labomat is specifically designed to adapt to all types of surfaces, whether they are irregular or difficult to access.

Trust the professionalism of our team to guide you towards the equipment in accordance with the specificities of your sector of activity. Labomat is a company created in 1992 specializing in the distribution of scientific equipment dedicated to research, production and quality control. With its long experience, our company has established itself as one of the market leaders in instruments and specialties in the region.

The satisfaction of our customers being at the center of our priorities, our qualified and competent team guarantees you quality services and adapted support. We are able to offer a range of production and specialty equipment derived from the know-how of the best international manufacturers. Our products adapt in particular to the specific requirements and issues of various business sectors. To meet the needs of professionals, we provide them with machines for studying the physical properties of different surfaces and materials.

Labomat puts at your service a team of experts trained to ensure a quality of service in accordance with the official procedures in force. Thanks to our area of intervention extended over the whole of France, neighboring countries, as well as internationally, our technicians are able to intervene in the workshop or go directly to the customer's site. Available and attentive, our experts support you in solving your specific problems and quickly find technical solutions in accordance with your sector of activity. They benefit from the skills necessary for the installation and commissioning of our scientific equipment. In addition, the instruments offered by Labomat undergo rigorous tests to ensure their quality. All our devices are certified according to the imposed quality standards.

Also, our team offers a very complete range of services by offering maintenance, annual calibration and repair in the workshop or on site of your equipment fleet in the event of a breakdown. Among our various services, we also offer technical days accessible to all our customers. You will be able to benefit from our expertise during training courses dealing with viscosity, rheology and many other fields. Thanks to the support of our team, you improve your skills in the use of your scientific equipment.

Gloss meters with separate probe

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