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Accurately measure the viscosity of fluids with our various Brookfield rotary viscometers.

  • These viscometers are available in several measurement ranges (LV, RV, HA and HB for the main ones) and are available in different performance levels: Analog, DVE, DV1M, DV2T and DV3T
  • The references are built in from a prefix indicating the measurement range and a suffix indicating the type of measurement box: for example RVDV2T means that the device is a viscometer in the DV2T family equipped with a sensor RV type.
  • Brookfield rotary viscometers are delivered with their stand, transport case, and standard mobile case for performing relative viscosity (also called Brookfield viscosity).
  • The devices can be supplemented by accessories allowing to take absolute viscosity measurements, to work on pasty products, to reduce the viscosity range, to work on small volumes, to regulate in temperature ... (see sub-category Brookfield accessories)

Depending on your needs, you can choose from various Brookfield brand rotary viscometers.

  • Analog viscometers : Opt for a practical and easy-to-use model with a dial allowing the reading of the torque. Entirely mechanical, it is recognized for its great robustness which makes it an excellent choice for use in harsh environments).
  • DVE viscometer : Benefit from a model with 18 speeds and allowing a direct reading of the viscosity of various other parameters.
  • DV1M viscometer : Enjoy the performance of a device with continuous measurement displaying measurements every second regardless of the speed used. Optional: temperature probe, printer or acquisition software.
  • DV2T viscometers : It is the ideal device for use in quality control or R&D. Equipped with 200 speeds, a temperature probe, a touch screen, it allows the recording of measurements on a USB key or be controlled from the optional Rheology software Rheocalc T

These different models of Brookfield viscometers are available in different ranges of measurements: LV, RV, HA and HB allowing to cover a very wide range of applications. The Brookfield rotary viscometers are delivered with their stand and their transport case including the viscometer, the standard mobile case, the caliper, their calibration certificate and their instructions for use.

Standard oils and accessories are also offered as an option for low volume measurement (SSA), for low viscosity (ULA), for high temperature measurements (Thermosel), for measurement on pasty products, finned wheels, time wheels of gel, thermostatic baths etc… thus allowing you to configure your device according to your application.

Labomat is a French leader in the distribution of scientific devices and specialties for research, production and quality control. We put our know-how at the service of companies wishing to efficiently measure the color, shine or even viscosity of the products and parts they use. Our goal is to provide you with the skills and professionalism of the world's leading manufacturers of instruments and production equipment. For viscometers, at Labomat, we offer high-performance devices from the Brookfield brand. Discover different models able to meet your expectations.

At Labomat, our team of technical sales engineers and technicians is at your entire disposal for various advice, but also for an efficient after-sales service. They regularly follow training courses given by our partners to enable them to acquire the qualities and skills to give you satisfaction. We have also set up an after-sales service for the repair and maintenance of your devices.

Our service team can also perform annual calibration of your measuring equipment to ensure their performance. We are able to work on a wide range of laboratory devices ranging from viscometers to salt mists, including thickness gauges. We go to your site, in France, or in neighboring countries. Our interventions can also be done internationally. We also organize technical days that allow you to better understand the operating principles of the devices. These trainings are also an opportunity to discuss with experts in colorimetry, viscosity and rheology as well as aging and corrosion.

Brookfield Viscometers

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Reference: Brookfield Viscometer DVPlus

Brookfield Viscometer DVPlus

DVPlus viscometers are Budget viscometer with advanced best-in-class feature They have a large 5-inch touch screen, a very easy-to-use interface perfectly suited to use in the laboratory or in production. With DVPlus viscometers you get: high precision, fast response time and reproducible results. Can be interfaced with a computer using the optional...