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Light booths, lighting

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Light booths and light boxes

This sub-category groups our objective color evaluation solutions in booths providing uniform illumination with different illuminants.

Find in this category a wide choice of light booths.

To allow you to objectively evaluate the colors, Labomat Essor offers:

CAC & CAC-LED light booths

The CAC & CAC-LED light booths which, in addition to evaluating the colors, allow their variation to be compared efficiently. Thanks to the uniform illumination they emit, these booths offer better control of metamerism.

Colorbox light booths

Colorbox light booths which exist in two sizes VF0600 or VF1200 and represent one of the best value for money.

The SpectraLight QC light booth

The SpectraLight QC light booth, whose technical characteristics meet the most stringent requirements and standards imposed on the market. This high-end model allows users to enjoy 7 different light sources which are: D65, UVA, A, H, and 3 other fluorescent lights to choose from.

The Judge QC light booth

The Judge QC light booth which claims to be one of the most affordable, yet sturdy models on the market.

VL60 - VL120 luminaires

VL60 - VL120 luminaires, perfect for optimized visualization of colors in a specific work area.

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Light booths, lighting

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CAC & CAC-LED light booths

CAC lighting booths make it possible to objectively assess colors, compare their variations and control metamerism by providing uniform illumination with different types of possible illuminants.CAC-LED light booths allow you to exactly simulate the lights of modern sockets.


VL60 - VL120 lights

Designed to optimize color visualization in the work area, VeriVide luminaires offer standard daylight (VL60 and VL120) and Point Of Sale (= POS: Point Of Sale) lighting (VL120 only). The luminaire is widely used in industries such as textiles, printing, surface coatings and design studios; where color assessment and physical appearance are essential.