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Aging - Photostability

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Aging enclosures

This category includes our light aging and weathering test solutions

  • QUV type UV aging chambers
  • Q-Sun type xenon aging chambers
  • Services in natural aging tests on site in Florida and Arizona,
  • Positioning racks

Light aging test, UV aging, light fastness, strength and durability of products:

All the products that are used in everyday life are exposed to various attacks which degrade them over time and alter their properties. This concerns absolutely all types of products and manufactured goods:

Paintings :

For buildings (facade, interior decoration painting, aluminum lacquering for doors and windows, carpentry paints, stains, varnishes), for bodywork (cars, trucks, construction machinery, planes, boats, trains), for industry (protective coatings against corrosion, machine paints).

Plastics, composites and rubber:

General public (household appliances, toys, garden equipment, outdoor furniture, packaging, luggage, automobile (bumpers, dashboards, door interiors, interior parts, joints), building (cladding, wood-composite slats, joints) , industry (masterbatch, compounds, dyes, pigments, resin).

• Protective coatings for metals:

Painting, surface treatment, anodizing, galvanizing,

• Textiles:

Clothing, shoes, home interior, automotive upholstery textiles, outdoor sports, camping equipment, hunting, fishing, mountaineering, technical textiles for the building (veiling, shading), screen printing.

• Adhesives and glues:

Sealants, signage, stickers, industry and building adhesives, additives.

• Inks:

Printing, packaging, coins, screen printing, graphic arts.

• Cosmetics and pharmacy:

Sunscreens, make-up, perfumes, hair dyes, nail polish, shower gel, soaps, active ingredients, medicines, blisters.

• Food and drinks :

Mineral water, sodas, beers, vacuum-packed foods, food coloring.

• Detergents:

Household cleaning products, household, automotive, industrial cleaning products.

We are talking about the durability of a product, a material, a material: it is its ability to maintain its properties.

The properties that will degrade and the criteria that are important may vary from one product to another:

It may be loss of color (color difference, Delta E), yellowing (Delta B), bleaching (Delta L), loss of gloss (retention of gloss), loss of mechanical properties, tearing , cracking, delamination, chalking, embrittlement, disappearance of an active principle, loss of odor, container-content interaction, appearance of VOCs, toxicity.

All manufactured products are light tested either to meet regulatory requirements or as part of quality control and continuous improvement: manufacturing and raw material control, choice of new materials, process validation.

There are two main families of light aging enclosures:

  • UV aging enclosures (Q-Lab machine models: QUV).
  • Solar light aging enclosures (Arc-Xenon enclosure, Q-Lab machine model: Q-Sun equivalent SUNTEST, Wheather-O-Meter.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the standards to which the QUV or Q-Sun speakers meet:

No meEquipment type
AAMA 109-11QUV
AATCC Test Method 16Q-Sun
AATCC Test Method 169Q-Sun
AATCC Test Method 186QUV
Adidas FT-11Q-Sun
Amazon enterprise standard Amazon standardQ-Sun
ANSI Z26.1Q-Sun
Apple enterprise standard Apple standardQ-Sun
ASTM C1442Q-Sun
ASTM D1148Q-Sun
ASTM D2565Q-Sun
ASTM D3424Q-Sun
ASTM D4303Q-Sun
ASTM D4355Q-Sun
ASTM D4434Q-Sun
ASTM D4459Q-Sun
ASTM D4798Q-Sun
ASTM D4811Q-Sun
ASTM D4956Q-Sun
ASTM D5071Q-Sun
ASTM D5819Q-Sun
ASTM D6551Q-Sun
ASTM D6662Q-Sun
ASTM D6695Q-Sun
ASTM D6878Q-Sun
ASTM D6901Q-Sun
ASTM D7356Q-Sun
ASTM D750Q-Sun
ASTM D7869Q-Sun
ASTM E2141Q-Sun
ASTM F1515Q-Sun
ASTM F2366Q-Sun
ASTM G151Q-Sun
ASTM G155Q-Sun
Daimler DBL 5555Q-Sun
Daimler DBL 7399Q-Sun
EN 12224QUV
EN 1297QUV
EN 15187Q-Sun
EN 438-2Q-Sun
EN 50289-4-17Q-Sun
EN 513Q-Sun
EN 927-6QUV
European Technical Approval Guidelines ETAG 002 Part 1Q-Sun
Fiat 50451Q-Sun
Standard Fitbit Standard FitbitQ-Sun
Ford FLTM BO 116-01Q-Sun
FZ / T 75002Q-Sun
GA 406Q-Sun
GA 480.1Q-Sun
GA / T 484Q-Sun
GA / T 744Q-Sun
GB 12952Q-Sun
GB 14166Q-Sun
GB 18045Q-Sun
GB 18173.1Q-Sun
GB 23254Q-Sun
GB 25990Q-Sun
GB 4599Q-Sun
GB 4660Q-Sun
GB 5237.3Q-Sun
GB 5237.4Q-Sun
GB 5237.5Q-Sun
GB 5725Q-Sun
GB 6808Q-Sun
GB 7251.5Q-Sun
GB 8432Q-Sun
GB 9656Q-Sun
GB / T 10263Q-Sun
GB / T 10485Q-Sun
GB / T 11793Q-Sun
GB / T 12527Q-Sun
GB / T 12754Q-Sun
GB / T 13448Q-Sun
GB / T 14049Q-Sun
GB / T 14522QUV
GB / T 14576Q-Sun
GB / T 15102Q-Sun
GB / T 15104Q-Sun
GB / T 16259Q-Sun
GB / T 16422.2Q-Sun
GB / T 16422.3QUV
GB / T 16585QUV
GB / T 16777Q-Sun
GB / T 16991Q-Sun
GB / T 1710Q-Sun
GB / T 17657Q-Sun
GB / T 17748Q-Sun
GB / T 18006.2Q-Sun
GB / T 18102Q-Sun
GB / T 18244Q-Sun
GB / T 18424Q-Sun
GB / T 1865Q-Sun
GB / T 18833Q-Sun
GB / T 18950QUV
GB / T 19064QUV
GB / T 19394QUV
GB / T 19519Q-Sun
GB / T 20394Q-Sun
GB / T 22040Q-Sun
GB / T 22079Q-Sun
GB / T 22411QUV
GB / T 22771Q-Sun
GB / T 23471Q-Sun
GB / T 23472Q-Sun
GB / T 23827Q-Sun
GB / T 23828Q-Sun
GB / T 23983QUV
GB / T 23987QUV
GB / T 2423.24Q-Sun
GB / T 2424.14Q-Sun
GB / T 24508Q-Sun
GB / T 24798Q-Sun
GB / T 25978Q-Sun
GB / T 28995Q-Sun
GB / T 29061Q-Sun
GB / T 29365Q-Sun
GB / T 30669QUV
GB / T 31881QUV
GB / T 31899QUV
GB / T 32088Q-Sun
GB / T 33569QUV
GB / T 3511Q-Sun
GB / T 5137.3Q-Sun
GB / T 8013.1Q-Sun
GB / T 8013.2Q-Sun
GB / T 8013.3Q-Sun
GB / T 8427Q-Sun
GB / T 8430Q-Sun
GB / T 8431Q-Sun
GB / T 8814Q-Sun
GB / T 9535QUV
GB / T 9755Q-Sun
GJB 150.7AQ-Sun
GMW 14162Q-Sun
HG / T 2006Q-Sun
HG / T 2454Q-Sun
HG / T 3828QUV
HG / T 3830Q-Sun
HJ / T 237Q-Sun
Honda HES D6601Q-Sun
Huawei enterprise standard Huawei standardQ-Sun
Hyundai / Kia MS 210-05Q-Sun
Hyundai / Kia MS 210-06Q-Sun
IEC 60068-2-5Q-Sun
IEC 62788-7-2Q-Sun
ISO 105 B02Q-Sun
ISO 105 B04Q-Sun
ISO 105 B06Q-Sun
ISO 105 B07Q-Sun
ISO 105 B10Q-Sun
ISO 11341Q-Sun
ISO 11431Q-Sun
ISO 11507QUV
ISO 11798Q-Sun
ISO 12040Q-Sun
ISO 12311Q-Sun
ISO 16474-1Q-Sun
ISO 16474-2Q-Sun
ISO 16474-3QUV
ISO 20340QUV
ISO 2135Q-Sun
ISO 21809-1Q-Sun
ISO 24443Q-Sun
ISO 29664QUV
ISO 3865Q-Sun
ISO 4892-1Q-Sun
ISO 4892-2Q-Sun
ISO 4892-3QUV
ISO 7491Q-Sun
IVECO 16-0180Q-Sun
JASO M346Q-Sun
JASO M351Q-Sun
JC 898Q-Sun
JG / T 140Q-Sun
JG / T 180Q-Sun
JG / T 471Q-Sun
JG / T 475Q-Sun
JIS A 1415Q-Sun
JIS D 0205Q-Sun
JIS K 5600-7-7Q-Sun
JIS K 7350-2Q-Sun
JIS K 7350-3QUV
JIS L 0843Q-Sun
JT / T 280Q-Sun
LY / T 1654Q-Sun
LY / T 1655Q-Sun
LY / T 1697Q-Sun
LY / T 1831Q-Sun
LY / T 1858Q-Sun
LY / T 1859Q-Sun
Marks & Spencer C9Q-Sun
Marks & Spencer C9AQ-Sun
Mercedes-Benz MBN 10505Q-Sun
Mercedes-Benz MBN 10506Q-Sun
MIL STD 810Q-Sun
Motorola enterprise standard 12M09176A72Q-Sun
Nissan NES M0007QUV
Nissan NES M0135Q-Sun
Nissan NES M0141QUV
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) AECTP 300 Method 305Q-Sun
OPPO standard OPPO standardQ-Sun
PSA D27 1389Q-Sun
PSA D47 1431Q-Sun
Q / HY CJ.13XQ-Sun
Q / SHHM 10509-006Q-Sun
QB / T 1750Q-Sun
QB / T 2461Q-Sun
QB / T 2703Q-Sun
QB / T 2727Q-Sun
QB / T 2925Q-Sun
QB / T 4034Q-Sun
QB / T 4043Q-Sun
QB / T 4194Q-Sun
QB / T 4347Q-Sun
QB / T 4873Q-Sun
Q-Lab Continuous LightQ-Sun
Q-Lab Cool WhitesQUV
Qualicoat SpecificationQ-Sun
Renault D27-1911Q-Sun
Renault D47 1431Q-Sun
RNES B-00088Q-Sun
SAE J2019Q-Sun
SAE J2412Q-Sun
SAE J2527Q-Sun
Samsung AT&TQ-Sun
Samsung Samsung standardQUV
SH / T 0083Q-Sun
Sony enterprise standard 5/152 41-FEA 202 8193 UenQ-Sun
Suzuki SES N3292Q-Sun
TB / T 1451Q-Sun
TB / T 1527QUV
Terex GES1140Q-Sun
Toyota TSH1585GQ-Sun
Toyota TSL0601GQ-Sun
Toyota TSL3600GQ-Sun
Toyota TSM0501GQ-Sun
UL 1581Q-Sun
Vivo standard Vivo standardQUV
Volvo STD 423-0047Q-Sun
Volvo VCS 1026.8242Q-Sun
VW PV 1303Q-Sun
VW PV 1306Q-Sun
VW PV 1502Q-Sun
VW PV 3929Q-Sun
VW PV 3930Q-Sun
YC / T 374Q-Sun
YD / T 814.1Q-Sun
YY / T 0631Q-Sun

Labomat Essor specialists are at your disposal to advise you in the choice of enclosure, its configuration (choice of filter, irradiance sensor, temperature sensor) as well as programming.

Aging - Photostability

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Simple and economical solution to produce high quality type 2 purified water (NO RELEASE / NO STORAGE) with a high flow rate. Simple and economical solution to produce high quality purified water for aging chambers, salt spray chambers, cyclic corrosion chambers, climatic chambers and others.


Q-SUN xenon arc aging chambers

The sun, heat and humidity cause very expensive damage every year. The phenomena of discoloration, yellowing, loss of appearance properties but also cracking, cracks, occur both indoors and outdoors. Q-Sun Xenon aging chambers, manufactured by QLab corporation, simulate degradation caused by the entire solar spectrum, temperature and humidity.


Reference: QUV Basic

UV aging chamber: QUV Basic model

Each year, the sun, temperature and humidity are responsible for millions of euros of damage. QUV aging chambers allow samples to be exposed alternately to cycles of UV light and condensation, at controlled temperature. In a few days or a few weeks, you get the results of a natural aging of several months or years. Will your products withstand natural...


Reference: QUV Solar Eye

UV aging chamber: QUV Solar Eye model

Each year, the sun, temperature and humidity are responsible for millions of euros of damage. QUV aging chambers allow samples to be exposed alternately to cycles of UV light and condensation, at controlled temperature. In a few days or a few weeks, you get the results of a natural aging of several months or years. Will your products withstand natural...



UV aging chambers: Models QUV Spray / QUV Spray Repur

Each year, the sun, temperature and humidity are responsible for millions of euros of damage. QUV aging chambers allow samples to be exposed alternately to cycles of UV light and condensation, at controlled temperature. In just a few weeks, you get the results of natural aging for months or years. Will your products withstand natural outdoor conditions?...


Reference: Quv uvc

UVC aging chamber Model QUV / uvc

The QUV / uvc model UVC enclosure is an evolution of the most widely used UV aging enclosure in the world: the QUV enclosure. It allows your samples to be exposed to a UVC source (254 nm) in order to test the aging of your products (plastics, leathers, fabrics, textiles, paints and other coatings, etc.) when they are subjected to UVC exposure. in the...