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SiLiglit Glitter Sequins

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This section groups together the different SiLiglitt flakes manufactured by Sigmund Lindner


In addition to SiLibead glass beads or ceramic beads, Sigmund Lindner offers a range of general-purpose or cosmetic glitter

These flakes are available in two main families of products:

- SiLiglit

- Siliglam


Which glitter to choose according to my needs?



SiLiglit Cosmetic Glitter

SiLiglam PURE BIO SPARKLE Bioglitter

SiLiglam PURE NATURE Bioglitter

SiLiglam NATURE Bioglitter

SiLiglam NATURE Bioglitter

SiLiglam PURE Cosmetic Glitter Type P

SiLiglam PURE Cosmetic Glitter Type CC

SiLiglam PURE Cosmetic Glitter Type I

SiLiglam Cosmetic Glitter Type H

SiLiglam Cosmetic Glitter Type O

SiLiglam Cosmetic Pearls



SiLiglit Aluminum Glitter

SiLiglam TEC



SiLiglit Grade I

SiLiglit Aluminum Glitter


Floors and walls

SiLiglit Grade I

SiLiglit Grade II

SiLiglit Glass-Glitter / Glass-Nuggets / Deco-Beads


Printing - Screen printing

SiLiglit Grade I

SiLiglit Grade II


Decorative objects

SiLiglit Grade I

SiLiglit Grade II

SiLiglit Aluminum Glitter

SiLiglit Glass-Glitter / Glass-Nuggets / Deco-Beads

SiLiglit range Sigmund Lindner offers a wide range of colored flakes and beads in various qualities, sizes, colors, types of surface coating and shapes.

• Polyester sequins (Poly ethylene terephthalate PET)

• Alu sequins

• Glass glitters, nuggets, flakes, deco beads

SiLiglit polyester flakes come from pre-coated Poly ethylene terephthalate PET films, the precise cutting of which avoids obtaining contiguous chains of particles. As a result, the edge of the flakes is not coated.

Paillettes polyester description

SiLiglit PET Glitters are polyester glitter.

Due to their high gloss, low specific weight and excellent resistance to solvents and UV radiation, SiLiglit flakes are extremely versatile for a wide range of applications.

There are 3 different grades of SiLiglit polyester sequins:

- SiLiglit grade I polyester sequins

SiLiglit grade 1 polyester sequins are intended for technical applications.

They are found in particular in the industrial sector of paint, varnish and floor or wall coverings due to their low specific weight. And also in the textile and paper industries, widely used in screen printing, flocking, rotary and thermal printing.

- SiLiglit grade II polyester sequins

Siliglit grade II polyester sequins are ideal for decorating windows, accessories or flowers, for example. They may also be suitable for technical applications, in particular in the field of textiles when a better value for money is required.

- Cosmetic grade SiLiglit polyester sequins

Cosmetic grade, suitable for many galenics such as hair gels and sprays, lipsticks, eye shadows and makeup, perfumes, shower and bath gels. A wide variety of shades and different effects: holographic, iridescent, opaque are at your disposal to obtain original results in your formulations.

The SiLiglit range of decorative beads and sequins is also made up of two other types of Siliglit sequins:

- Aluminum SiLiglit Aluminum Glitters:

o Glitter aluminum sequins SiLiglit epoxy coated

Epoxy coated aluminum SiLiglit flakes are widely used in the plastics industry, especially in the injection molding process with processing temperatures up to 220 ° C. They also provide very good results in paints for the furniture and sporting goods industry.

o Aluminum Glitter Sequins SiLiglit uncoated

SiLiglit uncoated aluminum flakes are inexpensive flakes mainly used as an alternative to grade II for decorating shop windows, furniture, flowers or in textiles.

SiLiglit Glass Glitters, glass flakes, glass nuggets, Deco Beads:

Made from recycled glass, these products are also very popular in the hobby and craft industry. The crystalline and spherical structure of the particles simulates unique effects. There are various coatings to suit all types of applications. Due to its resistance to water and various solvents, the dye variant L is suitable for materials with effects on textiles by screen printing and for body paints and peeling preparations in cosmetics.

SiLiglam polyester sequins

SiLiglam flakes come from an innovative manufacturing process that offers many possibilities in terms of substrates and pigments.

We take special care when selecting raw materials that our SiLiglams can be used for a wide spectrum of cosmetic applications. The coating applied to the entire straw gives it excellent resistance to solvents.

Thanks to its manufacturing process, it is possible to meet certain demanding applications with custom-made flakes. Thus, SiLiglams are suitable for make-up as well as for care and hygiene products.

In addition, to meet the growing demands of the cosmetics world, we have a SiLiglam Pure range, without antimony.

Different types of SiLiglam are at your disposal to obtain original renderings in your formulations:

- SiLiglam Pure Type CC polyester sequins:

The satin effect of these sequins is particularly appreciated in nail polishes.

- SiLiglam Pure Type P polyester sequins:

These glitter resulting from a patented process are characterized by a unique shine as well as excellent resistance in all common cosmetic formulations.

- SiLiglam Pure Type I polyester sequins:

These sequins with multiple iridescent reflections offer very beautiful visual effects as well as an excellent characteristic shine.

- SiLiglam Pure Type O polyester sequins:

Resulting from a special manufacturing process, the unique optical effect of these opaque glitter is highly prized in nail polish.

- SiLiglam Pure Type H polyester sequins:

The H-type SiLiglams, which are particularly found in make-up, make it possible to obtain remarkable holographic visuals in your formulations.

The SiLiglam range also offers decorative glass beads specially developed for use in nail polish. They are particularly characterized by excellent resistance to solvent-based and aqueous bases.

The Sigmund Lindner company, aware of the importance of turning to products that are more respectful of the environment, has developed a range comprising 3 types of biodegradable flakes made from renewable raw materials, composed of 99.9% of biodegradable materials and free of polymers and plastics. They break down into carbon dioxide, water and biomass and each generation offers increased biodegradability performance.

The flakes are suitable for food contact according to Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 and meet the requirements of Regulation (EU) No 1223/2009 on cosmetic products. The production of glitter is certified in accordance with cosmetic GMP ISO 22716

- SiLiglam NATURE sequins

SiLiglam NATURE flakes formed from a polylactic acid film are the first generation of industrially compostable biodegradable flakes according to DIN EN 13432. They are particularly suitable for formulations in oily bases.

- PURE NATURE SiLiglam sequins

The SiLiglam PURE NATURE, made from a cellulose acetate film, can be composted industrially and in your personal "Home-Composting" compost. In addition to formulations in the fatty phase, Pure Nature can also be used in alcohol base. In addition, the extra soft touch allows you to obtain excellent sensory rendering in your formulations.

- SiLiglam BIO SPARKLE sequins

SiLiglam PURE BIO SPARKLE, resulting from a cellulose film, are industrially compostable, suitable for Home-Composting, and have a biodegradability greater than 80% in 28 days according to the ISO 14851 Fresh Water standard, which makes it the greenest straw on the market. The applications are multiple since they can be used as well in oily bases, alcohols and solvents (esters, ketones).

SiLiglit Glitter Sequins

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