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Beads & Glitters- SiLi

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Sigmund Lindner Beads and Sequins (SiLi)

In this category, we provide you with grinding balls and flakes from the German brand Sigmund Lindner SiLi.

We offer you :

  • Glass or ceramic grinding balls (zirconium silicate or zirconium oxide): Available in different diameters and in different qualities, the Labomat team is available to advise you in the choice of balls according to your products, your process and your budget.

  • Closure balls or precision balls : For certain applications, it is necessary to have balls whose sphericity and diameter must be perfectly controlled. This is why Sigmund Lindner SiLi and Labomat Essor offer a complete range of molded balls (for closure applications) or precision balls (standard precision +/- 20 microns as standard, possibility of customization) produced in a compliant workshop. Good Manufacturing Practices used in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Glitter and decorative beads : choose from many references of sequins or colored beads to meet all your needs, whether for decorative or cosmetic use. These flakes are available in glass, aluminum, polyester and come in different sizes, colors and qualities depending on your application. Sigmund Lindner offers a wide range of glitter specifically dedicated to the cosmetics market.

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Labomat is about thirty years of experience in the distribution of scientific materials and essential specialties for production, quality control and research. We represent major international brands.

Our versatility allows us to meet the needs of different clients operating in various industries.

In addition to the quality of our products, our strength is based on a fast and efficient team.

For all your needs, whether in terms of technical advice or quotes, demonstration or testing, or training, call on our technicians. We also have an efficient after-sales service. Our after-sales service team offers you complete services including maintenance, repair, installation of instruments or the calibration of all types of laboratory equipment ranging from viscometer to furnace temperature recorder via the climatic chamber. To do this, our after-sales service has a workshop to operate on specific equipment. Our team can also travel. We visit your site anywhere in France or in a neighboring country, but can also provide international intervention.

To guarantee a quality service, at Labomat, we prioritize upgrading our team. She thus follows regular training courses approved by our partners. To better satisfy you, we are setting up technical days dealing with the areas of light aging, color and viscosity.

We make it a point of honor to optimize our logistics, in order to always have a substantial stock available and thus ensure delivery as soon as possible. Sigmund Lindner or SiLi is known worldwide for its technical balls for grinding, but also for its flakes and decorative balls.

The company was founded in Germany in 1854. Over the generations, the brand has flourished and is currently present in 80 countries, from Moscow to England.

SiLi currently has subsidiaries in China and the United States, but also in Asia. For several years, Labomat has been working with the SiLi France branch.

Beads & Glitters- SiLi

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