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Anticorrosion - Surface

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Roughness Meters, Porosimeters and Inspection / Analysis Kits

This category includes our surface finish characterization solutions and the main measurement and testing equipment adapted to the anticorrosion paint market:

  • Roughness meters
  • Surface cleanliness test
  • Miscellaneous: Hull test, psychrometer, dew point meter
  • Inspection kit, adhesion tester
  • Optical inspection tools
  • Porosity detector
  • Building appliances
Anticorrosion - Surface

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DC9000 boat hull roughness gauge

Controlling the roughness of a boat's hull plays an important economic and ecological role. Composed of a control unit with neck strap as well as a sensor equipped with 3 non-slip wheels and a carbide stylus, the device is moved horizontally on the surface of the vessel and collects a series of measurements.


dust analysis kit SP3200

Dust present on stripped surfaces can reduce the adhesion of the coating, causing premature wear and non-conformities byagainst application specifications. The dust analysis kit is used to assess the quantity and size of dust particles on surfaces prepared for painting.


Karsten LI7500 tubes

Simple test to measure the degree of water penetration in building materials such as concrete, stone and plaster. A glass tube filled with water is bound to the sample by plastilin. Water pressure is then exerted on the surface. A graduated scale indicates the amount of water that enters the surface over time.


LD0500 concrete hammer

Device designed to control the quality of concrete and other building materials and its compressive strength. The automatic hammer recoil force displayed on the scale indicates the strength of the concrete.


LI0055 Carbide Moisture Meter

This precision moisture meter enables the detection of relative humidity in concrete, cement, sand and other building materials. The water in the sample reacts with the calcium carbide, producing an increase in pressure in the cell proportional to the residual moisture content.


PosiTest AIR Leak Leak Detector

The PosiTest AIR Leak allows a simple, fast and precise detection of water or air leaks in rigid constructions or assemblies, joints, welds ... The leak detection liquid is applied to the surface to be checked before coming to the plate. sealed measuring chamber to achieve controlled depressurization. The presence of an air leak is indicated by the...


Telescopic mirrors

Adjustable 360 °, these chromed steel mirrors are perfect for coating inspection on large structures and offer an excellent view of hard-to-reach areas thanks to their telescopic handle.


Testex Press-O-Film Tape

Testex Press-O-Film tape reproduces the profile of a surface by molding. The impression made on the tape is then measured with a thickness comparator (measurement of the maximum peak-valley height) or with the PosiTector RTR device (automatic linearization).