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Thickness gauges: powder, coatings, walls, films… | Labomat


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Thickness gauges: powder, coatings, walls, films, etc.

This category includes our solutions for measuring film thickness, coatings, powder before baking, total thickness and wet thickness.

  • Powder thickness before baking
  • Coating thickness on all substrates
  • Coating thickness on metals
  • Ultrasonic wall thickness
  • Wet film thickness
  • Other thickness gauges

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Circular wet film gauges

A calibrated wheel fitted with an eccentric inner disc is rolled on the wet film until a trace appears on the inner disc.The wet thickness measurement corresponds to the position of the end of the impression.


Reference: PowderChecker

Powder thickness gauge before baking PosiTest Powder Checker

The Powder Checker is a non-contact ultrasonic measuring device that predicts before baking the final thickness that will be obtained after baking. Thickness problems are detected immediately in order to adjust the powdering parameters without having to wait for the first pieces to come out of the oven. This makes it possible to optimize the application,...


SuperPIG III destructive thickness gauge

The SuperPIG III is a precision tool for the measurement and destructive inspection of the thickness of single-layer or multi-layer coatings on all substrates. After an oblique incision of the coating, the width of the section is measured using the graduated scale microscope. A multiplying factor is applied depending on the cutting tool used.