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Adhesion testers / cross cutters

This sub-category groups together our coating adhesion testing solutions.

  • Tear adhesion testers: Tensile tests on pads previously glued to the coating in order to determine the force required for their tearing (recommended for thick coatings)
  • Grid combs: The test consists of making a grid of the coating and evaluating the number of squares thus formed that will be detached.

As a reminder, standard ISO 2409: 2013 Paints and varnishes - Cross-cut test recommends:

Coatings less than 60 microns: 1 mm 6 teeth

Coatings between 60 and 120 microns: 2 mm 6 teeth

Coatings greater than 120 microns: 3 mm 6 teeth

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Cutting tool for PosiTest AT studs

The stud cutting tool is an instrument specially designed to remove adhesive residue around the stud and to cut the loose coating for adhesion tests. Removing too much glue by hand and cutting the loose coating from the substrate is heavy and difficult work especially when inspectors need to perform multiple tests per day. This can cause sore wrists and...