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Florida Arizona Aging Site and Aging Rack | Labomat | Labomat

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Florida Arizona Aging Site and Aging Rack | Labomat

Florida - Arizona - Laboratory Tests

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Florida or Arizona Natural Aging Sites / Aging Rack

In addition to accelerated aging tests in QUV or Q-Sun enclosures, it is also recommended to perform natural aging tests.

This sub-category includes our solutions for

  • Test service at a natural exposure site in Florida or Arizona (sites recognized worldwide as references)
  • Natural display rack

Florida - Arizona - Laboratory Tests

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Subcontracting of accelerated aging tests

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We offer a wide range of accelerated aging and corrosion testing in our ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory based in Germany.If you would like a quote, do not hesitate to complete the form available in the attached documents and return it to us at


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