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RAL color charts, electronic color charts and pocket colorimeters

Color charts, Pocket colorimeters

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Color charts, Pocket colorimeters

This sub-category includes:

  • Farnsworth test which tests the user's color perception
  • Paper color charts: RAL (Classic, Design, Plactic, digial, trends, books), Pantone (F + H cotton, plastic STD chips, PMS coated, PMS uncoated), Munsell (Book of color Matte, Book of color Gloss)
  • Capsure electronic color chart
  • RM200QC Pocket Spectrocolorimeter

Are you looking for a specific quality control instrument?

On this page, we offer you a selection of color charts and pocket colorimeters. The equipment we distribute comes from well-known manufacturers in the international market.

Among the equipment, find:

The Farnsworth Test - Munsell 100 Hue

The Farnsworth - Munsell 100 Hue test very popular with our customers who want to assess the ability of operators to observe color differences. This test complies with AATCC EP9, ASTM E 1499, ASTM D 1729, SAE J 361 and TAPPI T 515 standards.

Paper swatches

Paper color charts, perfect for comparing, classifying and identifying colors. Labomat Essor provides you with RAL color charts, PANTONE color charts and MUNSELL color charts.

The Capsure electronic color chart

The Capsure electronic color chart, whose technology makes it possible to search the integrated color charts for the closest color reference. The capsure electronic color chart includes the following color charts: NCS Index II, Pantone F + H Cotton, Pantone Plastic STD Chip, Pantone PMS Coated, Pantone PMS Uncoated, Munsell Book of Color Matte, Munsell Book of Color Gloss, RAL 840HR, RAL 841GL, RAL Design D2, RAL Effect, Eurotrend, Nova 2024.

The RM200QC pocket spectrocolorimeter

The RM200QC pocket spectrocolorimeter is ideal for quality control on a construction site or in the workshop. Ultra compact, with a 45/0 ° geometry, offered at an ultra competitive price, the RM200QC is the first spectrocolorimeter in the X-Rite range.

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Color charts, Pocket colorimeters

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