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Benchtop spectrocolorimeter | Labomat

Benchtop spectrocolorimeters

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Benchtop spectrocolorimeter

This sub-category includes our benchtop spectrocolorimeters

  • X-Rite Ci4200 Reflection Spectrocolorimeter
  • X-Rite Ci7x reflection and / or transmission spectrocolorimeter

Labomat Essor provides you with benchtop spectrocolorimeters to quickly and efficiently check the colors of your surfaces or materials to work on.

These instruments, developed by our partner X-RITE, one of the world's leading manufacturers, make it possible to optimize the quality of colors both in a production workshop and in the laboratory. Benchtop spectrocolorimeters help speed the product to market by avoiding rework caused by errors.

Among our benchtop spectrocolorimeters, find:

Ci4200 and Ci4200UV benchtop spectrophotometers

The Ci4200 and Ci4200UV benchtop spectrophotometers with integrating sphere in PTFE. They are ideally suited for laboratory quality control. They can be connected via USB. These devices allow measurement by reflection only. They make a simultaneous measurement in specular included and specular excluded according to all standard illuminants and all standard observers.

The d / 8 ° benchtop reflection / transmission spectrophotometers Ci7500, Ci7600, Ci7800, Ci7860

The d / 8 ° benchtop reflection / transmission spectrophotometers Ci7500, Ci7600, Ci7800, Ci7860. These integrating sphere instruments are able to measure accurately in reflection or transmission. These devices are extremely precise and are particularly suitable for the most demanding applications. As they can be used in quality control, they are mainly used in Research and Development for the formulation of new products or for duplicating.

These devices are controlled by the software of your choice:

  • Color iQC: Quality control software
  • Color iMatch: Formulation software

Inter-device correlation can be optimized with the NetProfiler feature which allows all devices to be aligned with each other so that your benchtop devices and portable devices are able to give exactly the same results.

Since 1992, the Labomat Essor company has specialized in the distribution of specialized scientific products for quality control, research and production. We only offer quality instruments that comply with current standards. Our equipment intervenes effectively when it comes to defining the characteristics and physical properties of materials and surfaces. Thanks to the know-how and expertise of our teams, we guarantee you services that meet your expectations. We are committed to long term service for our customers in order to provide them complete satisfaction.

Leader in its field, our company is also made up of a team of advisers who are at your entire disposal to give you information and technical advice. Our team is also at your disposal and at your service for a demonstration or training, a visit, a price offer or a test. With us, engineers and technicians regularly follow approved training courses to guarantee you quality services. You can also call on us for calibration, maintenance or repair checks on site or in the workshop. On all the products that we sell, we offer installation and start-up services. We also suggest preventive maintenance offers as part of your quality control, for the whole range of our products.

Consult our online catalog now to discover all the instruments at your disposal. To ensure timely delivery, we keep thousands of references in stock. To keep you regularly informed of our exhibition programs and our news, do not hesitate to consult the news on our site. Download our documentation and prices. You can now submit your request for a quote to us. We are present in France, but can also intervene abroad. You have the option of contacting us by email or phone.

Consult our website, an advisor will be dedicated to you, whatever your geographical location in the region or elsewhere. Our team is also at your disposal to help you realize your projects and to study your constraints in order to find you suitable answers as soon as possible.

Benchtop spectrocolorimeters

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