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Taber Rotary Abrasers 1700 / 1750

The 'Test Taber' provides reliable data within minutes. Used to assess a material's resistance to wear, a flat sample is mounted on a turntable that rotates on a vertical axis. As the platen rotates, contact of the sample against the sliding rotation of two grinding wheels causes wear while a vacuum system removes loose wear debris during testing. The abrasion marks form a pattern of crossed arcs in a circular band that covers an area of approximately 30 cm².





Taber 1700 single-track or Taber 1750 dual-track rotary abrasimeter for performing accelerated wear tests on a wide variety of materials.

• Display of the following test parameters: mode, test duration, cycles, plate speed, aspiration level.

• Choice of 60 or 72 rpm rotation speed.

• 4 possible evaluation methods: visual, loss of mass, loss of volume and depth of wear.

• Numerous abrasives and accessories.

• Supplied with 2 or 4 * 500 g weights, 2 or 4 * 1000 g weights, 1 or 2 * Ø 108 mm sample holders with fixing ring, hexagonal wrench, vacuum cleaner, brush and calibration certificate.

* For Taber 1750 dual station model

• Optional calibration verification kit.

• Complies with more than 150 standards in the fields of paints, plastics, wood, glass, concrete, packaging, textiles, ceramics, etc., such as EN 438-2, EN 13696, NF T 30 015 ...

Consumables and Accessories for Taber 1700 or Taber 1750 Abrasive Meters

Grinding wheels, abrasive strips

Calibrase (CS) wheels: resilient wheel composed of abrasive rubber particles and aluminum oxide. Recommended for testing rigid samples.

Calibrade (H) wheels: non-resilient wheel composed of vitrified clay and abrasive particles of silicone carbide or aluminum oxide. Recommended for testing flexible samples.

Sample cutter

Ref. 985000

Positioning brackets

(multisamples, wet abrasion, textiles, plastics, ...)

Extension kit

Ref. 135880

(up to 40 mm)

Soundproof box

Ref. 129497

(up to -20% dB)

Scratch tool

Ref. 135647

Reshaping device

Ref. 980350

Gravelling system

Ref. 980355

(aluminum oxide particles)

Other accessories: contact us

Demonstration video:


Video: Grinding wheel reshaping tool:


Other videos:


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