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Colorimetry training, Rheology training… | Labomat

Technical days

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Aging and Corrosion training, Viscosity and Rheology training, Colorimetry training, Paint adhesion and masking solutions training ...

Labomat is a distributor of scientific equipment and specialties for research, but it also offers companies working in different sectors one-day training courses.

These technical days are held either on the occasion of inter-company days or, if you wish, within your premises.

They are open, depending on the type of training, to technicians and laboratory managers, engineers, designers and stylists. Customers such as the Technical Director, for example, are also invited to come and attend presentations and demonstrations to be aware of the operation of all the equipment used in the production chain.

The technical days focus on 4 themes:

  • Colometry: master the color of your products with greater precision by understanding the fundamentals and the basics of color theory.

  • Viscosity and Rheology: Learn more about the theoretical foundations of viscosity as well as the operating principle of Brookfield instruments. Learn the calibration, the precision of your measurements, the routine maintenance of the devices, the measurement methodology, the interpretation of the results and the different behaviors of fluids and their modeling.

  • Aging and corrosion: Learn to better understand and apprehend the problems of corrosion as well as aging in light and bad weather. Discover natural exposure or laboratory simulation techniques. Learn how to choose your equipment and its settings according to your problem and how to interpret the results.

  • Hanging and masking solutions: optimize your painting line and make the entire process profitable. These technical days are generally accompanied by a demonstration allowing a better understanding of the functioning of the devices or of handling the Hang On hanging and masking solutions.

Labomat is a training organization, do not hesitate to contact us.

Since 1992, Labomat has offered its customers a wide range of measurement equipment suitable for industries requiring highly precise measurement procedures.

In addition to the marketing of various instruments, we also offer technical days.

By taking part in these trainings, you will benefit from the expertise of professionals such as the American company X-Rite, specializing in the manufacture of color measurement and management products or the Brookfield brand, manufacturer of rheometers and viscometers, from the Q-Lab brand specializing in light aging test equipment (UV or Xenon tests), salt spray enclosures cyclic corrosion enclosures and finally the Hang On brand: one of the world leaders in hanging and masking solutions for the industrial painting process (powder painting or liquid painting).

Outside of these days, trust the technical sales representatives and technicians of Labomat.

Our team is at your entire disposal to help and advise you in choosing the measuring devices that will best suit your sector of activity. At Labomat, we also have an after-sales service team that is always available. Its services are varied. They range from technical advice, to the preparation of an estimate, including site visits, the setting up of tests, demonstrations without forgetting the start-up. For maintenance, repair or calibration operations, Labomat's after-sales service is at your entire disposal. Although our after-sales service has a workshop, we are available for interventions throughout France, but also in neighboring countries. We have also implemented a strict quality policy and we therefore offer our customers a preventive maintenance service on all the instruments we sell.

Technical days

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Technical training days

Labomat Essor regularly organizes technical days on the following topics:- From viscosity to rheology.- Natural and accelerated aging with UV and Xenon.- Introduction to atmospheric corrosion tests.- Principles of color measurement.These technical days can be carried out either as part of inter-company days or within your company.Labomat is listed as a...