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UV test chambers- QUV

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UV / QUV enclosures

This sub-category groups together the QUV model UV aging enclosures

  • UV aging chambers (UVA / UVB)
  • Stacking rack to increase the exhibition area while keeping a small footprint
  • Sample holder

UV aging chambers (QUV) and solar light aging chamber (Xenon Arc enclosures, Q-SUN):

LABOMAT is a partner of Q-Lab Corporation (historically Q-PANEL) and markets two families of light aging enclosures in order to test the durability of your products:

1. UV aging chambers, model QUV from Q-Lab (QUV Basic, QUV Solar Eye, QUV Spray and QUV Repur).

QUV enclosures are enclosures that can alternate phases of exposure to UV, phases of condensation and phases of spraying (spray, rain).

The light source is provided by 8 UV lamps which can be UVA 340nm (outdoor exposure, simulation of the natural outdoor UV spectrum), UVB 313 nm (aggressive exposure to short wavelengths), UVA 351 nm (exposure interior, simulation of the filtered UV spectrum of window glass) or even so-called Cool White lamps (cold light, simulation of shop or office lighting).

These QUV enclosures meet hundreds of international standards including ASTM G151, G-154, ISO 4892, ISO 11507, SAEJ2020, ISO 16474 etc.

The QUV tests make it possible to quickly highlight the following defects: yellowing (Delta B), bleaching (Delta L), loss of gloss (retention of gloss), loss of mechanical properties, tearing, cracking, delamination, chalking, embrittlement.

During the UV exposure phase, the enclosure is controlled and controlled in irradiance (expressed in W / m²) and in contact temperature on a black panel. This irradiance servo system is known under the name of Solar Eye.

The irradiance is calibrated by means of a calibration radiometer CR10 or universal calibrator UC1 coupled to a standard UV sensor (smart sensor). ISO 17025 traceability is thus ensured on the test.

The condensation phase is temperature controlled and allows a large amount of water to penetrate the material. The

The alternation of UV and condensation phases makes it possible to accelerate aging and all of the degradations observed: there is a synergy between the UV phase and the condensation phase.

During the spraying phase (spray, rain), demineralized water is projected onto the surface of the samples: a thermal shock is then created after a UV exposure phase. This causes strong mechanical stresses which can lead to microcracks and open “doors” in the material.

The Spray function also has the effect of “washing” the surface of the samples and thus removing the anti-UV rays which naturally come to be positioned on the surface to protect (Karcher effect).

The QUV test can have a variable duration depending on the standards (test methods) and it can go up to more than 2000 hours sometimes for very durable materials.

The enclosure records the cycles (UV, condensation, spray) as well as the overall energy (KJ / m²).

Throughout the test, it monitors and records irradiance and temperature. QUV enclosures (Q-Lab Corporation) are still today the most widely used enclosures in the world for performing UV aging tests.

Labomat Essor also offers light aging enclosures using Q-Sun Xenon arc lamps.

UV test chambers- QUV

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QUV UV aging chambers

Sunlight and humidity cause very costly property damage every year. The QUV accelerated aging chamber manufactured by Q-Lab Corporation reproduces the deterioration caused by the sun, rain and dew: loss of gloss, chalking, cracking, cracking, degradation of the mechanical properties of polymers.


UVC aging chambers Model QUV / uvc

The QUV / uvc model UVC enclosure is an evolution of the most widely used UV aging enclosure in the world: the QUV enclosure. It allows your samples to be exposed to a UVC source (254 nm) in order to test the aging of your products (plastics, leathers, fabrics, textiles, paints and other coatings, etc.) when they are subjected to UVC exposure. in the...