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Since 1992, Labomat Essor has been one of the French leaders in the distribution of scientific materials and specialties for research. quality control and production.

We offer the know-how of the largest international instrument manufacturers. production equipment and specialties such as: Ascott, Binder, Brookfield, Defelsko, HangOn, Q-Lab, Rhopoint, Taber, TQC, Winterthur, X-Rite etc ...

We are present in many sectors of activity where the characterization of the physical properties of materials and surfaces must be determined.

Our experience and our know-how allow us to guarantee you the best services.

Our goal: to satisfy you.

Labomat Essor offers the following products and services:

Measuring and testing instruments:

  • Color : Colorimeters, spectrocolorimeters, light booths, color charts and other color measuring devices
  • Shine : Brightness meters, opacimeters and other appearance measuring devices
  • Viscosity - Rheology: Brookfield viscometers, Brookfield rheometers, viscosity cups and standard viscosity oils
  • Texture : Brookfield texturometers, consistometers and other texture measuring devices
  • Mixing - Dispersion : Mixer, dispersers and ball mills
  • Film Application : Manual or automatic film applicators, Q-Panel test panels or Leneta contrast card
  • Aging - Photostability : Light aging enclosure (Xenon enclosures or UV enclosures) to simulate the aging of products subjected to light or bad weather
  • Climatic tests : Ovens, incubator, climatic chambers, humid chambers, condensation chambers allowing tests to be carried out at regulated temperature and / or humidity.
  • Corrosion tests : Salt spray chambers, Cyclic corrosion chambers for testing the corrosion resistance of parts or structures
  • Anticorrosion - Surface : Roughness meters, porosimeters and other surface condition measuring devices
  • Thickness : Coating thickness or total thickness measuring devices
  • Mechanical tests : Tear adhesion, cross-cut test, bending, stamping, impact tests, scratch abrasion tests ...
  • Hardness : Durometers for rubbers and plastics
  • Scales - Density
  • PH - Conductivity
  • Temperature - Hygrometry

HangOn hanging and masking solution:

These are hooks, frames, caps, caps, masking adhesives used in liquid or powder paint (powder coating)

  • Paint hooks
  • Suspension systems
  • Hole masking
  • Masking for flat surfaces
  • Masking for axes
  • Hanging accessories
  • Handling

Beads - SiLi Sequins

These are glass beads, ceramic beads and flakes produced by the company Sigmund Lindner Gmbh

  • SiLibeads Ceramic beads
  • SiLibeads Glass Beads
  • SiLiglit Glitter Sequins


Labomat Essor has a team of engineers and technicians who offer the following services:

  • Technical days
  • Consulting - Training
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance - calibration: Maintenance, Repair, Calibration - Certification

There are 606 products.

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Lico 620 spectrophotometer

The new Lico 620 measures the color of optically transparent colored liquids with reference beam technology. Measures up to 5 ISO / ASTM color scales.Ideal for the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum and food-processing industries, the Lico 620 spectrophotometer allows the objective evaluation of the color of optically transparent colored liquids.


Lico 690 spectrophotometer

The new Lico 690 measures the color of optically transparent colored liquids with reference beam technology. Measures up to 26 ISO / ASTM color scales.Ideal for the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum and food-processing industries, the Lico 690 spectrophotometer allows the objective evaluation of the color of optically transparent colored liquids.


CAC & CAC-LED light booths

CAC lighting booths make it possible to objectively assess colors, compare their variations and control metamerism by providing uniform illumination with different types of possible illuminants.CAC-LED light booths allow you to exactly simulate the lights of modern sockets.


Novo-Shade Duo+ opacity meter

45°/0° reflectometer for measuring the opacity of coatings, plastic films and sheets of paper, the intensity of a shade on a gray scale and the cleanliness of a support. Continuous measurement mode. Statistics and graphical analysis. Data transfer via Bluetooth or USB connection. According to ISO 2814, ISO 6504, BS 3900 ‐ D4, D7, ASTM E97, ASTM E1347,...


Quick Connect Adapter

Allows the rapid assembly / disassembly of standard mobiles on all Brookfield viscometers with conventional geometry and the Helipath system by sliding the fixing ring holding the 2 connections.


SSA adapter for low volumes

Adaptable to all Brookfield viscometers with classic geometry, the SSA (Small Sample Adapter) kit consists of a coaxial cylindrical mobile of your choice, a measuring chamber and a thermo-regulated double jacket by thermostatic bath.


ULA / ULA-DIN adapters for low viscosities

Adaptable to all Brookfield viscometers, the ULA (Ultra Low Adapter) kit allows precise and repeatable measurement of Newtonian and non-Newtonian products of low viscosities (up to 1 cP). A coaxial cylindrical mobile rotates inside a chamber containing the sample and having a removable cap allowing direct use in a beaker. When in place, the then closed...


TC-150 / -250 / -550 / -650 baths

Brookfield offers a wide range of thermostatic and refrigerated baths that can accommodate both one or several beakers and regulate a double jacket (SSA, ULA, ULA-DIN, Wells cone / plane viscometers and rheometers RST-CC and RST-CPS) via an external circulation.


Reference: Viscosimètre ICI Brookfield CAP

Brookfield CAP2000+ Cone-Plate Viscometers

The Brookfield CAP 2000+ viscometers are ICI type viscometers with cone-plate geometry and imposed speed allowing rapid measurement, at controlled temperature, on small sample volumes. This is a characterization at high shear rate on products such as paints, varnishes, inks, resins and petroleum products.


Reference: Viscosimètre Krebs Brookfield KU

Krebs Brookfield KU-3 Viscometer

The Krebs Brookfield KU-3 viscometer allows you to obtain a result directly in Krebs units, cP or grams.The Krens Brookfield KY-3 viscometer is widely used in the paint, ink and varnish industry.


Reference: Rhéomètre Brookfield RSX

RSX rheometers

RSX touch screen rheometers can work in velocity, velocity gradient or imposed stress, thus allowing the rheological characterization of viscous or visco-elastic products. Available in several measurement geometries: cone/plane (RSX-CPS Cone/Plan model), plane/plane (RSX-CPS Plan/Plan model), coaxial cylinders (RSX-CC model) or with vane spindles (RSX...


Rheo3000 software (option)

The Rheo3000 software is used to control the RST and RS Plus rheometers and to control the stress or the shear rate. The use of multi-step programs makes the qualification of any product possible: average viscosity, yield point, thixotropy, etc.


Reference: Rhéomètre Brookfield PFT

Brookfield PFT Powder Flow Tester Rheometer

The Powder Flow Tester (PFT) rheometer for powder is used to control powders and similar products (flour, powdered milk, cement, raw materials, pharmaceuticals ...) on receipt, to perform a rapid characterization of their flow and '' assess their discharge due to storage.


Manual penetrometer K19500

Tests the resistance to the penetration of solid and semi-solid products such as petroleum products (bitumens, waxes, greases ...), cosmetics (creams, toothpastes ...), agro-food (pastes, cheeses, jams, etc. .) and others.


Viscosity cups

Simple method for determining the kinematic viscosity of paints, oils, resins, emulsions, inks and other products by measuring the flow time of the fluid through a calibrated orifice.


K Hand Coater Manual Applicators

The K Hand Coater or KHC is a simple and efficient way to apply liquid products like paint, ink, glue, etc. on many supports such as paper, cardboard, plastic films, sheets, metal or glass plates, wood ... Two or more coatings can be applied side to side in a single operation, making the system ideal for comparing products.


Esiproof manual scraped applicator

This portable unit makes it possible to produce full or half-tone flexo proofs quickly and economically. The film creation is quite unique by the use of a doctor blade on the anilox roller which enables quality proofing with high viscosity inks such as UV flexo inks.


KPP automatic ink applicators

High quality proofs using flexo or rotogravure inks are produced in an instant with the K Printing Proofer. Featuring electronically engraved printing plates, it is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in the manufacture and use of inks.


VCML / VCM pilot machines

The VCML is designed to print, deposit and laminate all types of flexible media (paper, plastic films, metallized films, etc.) on a reel-to-reel basis. Its many application processes make it an ideal pilot machine for product development, quality control and small-scale low-volume production.


Q-PANEL test panels

Internationally recognized, Q-Panel test panels offer a reproducible and uniform test surface to assess the visual (color, gloss, orange peel) and physical (abrasion, adhesion, impact, bending, thickness, hardness, etc.) properties, but also to carry out tests for corrosion, aging, chemical resistance, curing, drying, etc.


Q-SUN xenon arc aging chambers

The sun, heat and humidity cause very expensive damage every year. The phenomena of discoloration, yellowing, loss of appearance properties but also cracking, cracks, occur both indoors and outdoors. Q-Sun Xenon aging chambers, manufactured by QLab corporation, simulate degradation caused by the entire solar spectrum, temperature and humidity.



Simple and economical solution to produce high quality type 2 purified water (NO RELEASE / NO STORAGE) with a high flow rate. Simple and economical solution to produce high quality purified water for aging chambers, salt spray chambers, cyclic corrosion chambers, climatic chambers and others.


Binder ovens

Ideal ovens for rapid drying or for storing products in perfectly controlled temperature conditions thanks to the patented APT.line preheating chamber with electronic regulation.


dust analysis kit SP3200

Dust present on stripped surfaces can reduce the adhesion of the coating, causing premature wear and non-conformities byagainst application specifications. The dust analysis kit is used to assess the quantity and size of dust particles on surfaces prepared for painting.


Testex Press-O-Film Tape

Testex Press-O-Film tape reproduces the profile of a surface by molding. The impression made on the tape is then measured with a thickness comparator (measurement of the maximum peak-valley height) or with the PosiTector RTR device (automatic linearization).


DC9000 boat hull roughness gauge

Controlling the roughness of a boat's hull plays an important economic and ecological role. Composed of a control unit with neck strap as well as a sensor equipped with 3 non-slip wheels and a carbide stylus, the device is moved horizontally on the surface of the vessel and collects a series of measurements.


Telescopic mirrors

Adjustable 360 °, these chromed steel mirrors are perfect for coating inspection on large structures and offer an excellent view of hard-to-reach areas thanks to their telescopic handle.


PosiTest AIR Leak Leak Detector

The PosiTest AIR Leak allows a simple, fast and precise detection of water or air leaks in rigid constructions or assemblies, joints, welds ... The leak detection liquid is applied to the surface to be checked before coming to the plate. sealed measuring chamber to achieve controlled depressurization. The presence of an air leak is indicated by the...


LD0500 concrete hammer

Device designed to control the quality of concrete and other building materials and its compressive strength. The automatic hammer recoil force displayed on the scale indicates the strength of the concrete.


LI0055 Carbide Moisture Meter

This precision moisture meter enables the detection of relative humidity in concrete, cement, sand and other building materials. The water in the sample reacts with the calcium carbide, producing an increase in pressure in the cell proportional to the residual moisture content.


Karsten LI7500 tubes

Simple test to measure the degree of water penetration in building materials such as concrete, stone and plaster. A glass tube filled with water is bound to the sample by plastilin. Water pressure is then exerted on the surface. A graduated scale indicates the amount of water that enters the surface over time.


SuperPIG III destructive thickness gauge

The SuperPIG III is a precision tool for the measurement and destructive inspection of the thickness of single-layer or multi-layer coatings on all substrates. After an oblique incision of the coating, the width of the section is measured using the graduated scale microscope. A multiplying factor is applied depending on the cutting tool used.


Circular wet film gauges

A calibrated wheel fitted with an eccentric inner disc is rolled on the wet film until a trace appears on the inner disc.The wet thickness measurement corresponds to the position of the end of the impression.


Multi-Finger Scratch Tester Taber 710

Initially developed to meet automotive specifications, this device is ideal for evaluating plastics, paints, floor coverings, etc. Five independent tungsten carbide tools mounted on more or less loaded sliding axes exert a vertical load on the sample to be tested, positioned on a table moving by pneumatic system.


AB6000 Wet Abrasimeter

Used to conduct dry or wet abrasion and washability tests on flat specimens to determine the resistance of paints, varnishes and coatings to dry or wet rubbing wear. Also suitable for testing the resistance of plastics (melamine worktops, household appliances, etc.) by simulating the daily action of brushes, sponges and abrasive pads, as well as the...


820 sand fall apparatus

Apparatus used to measure the resistance of paints, varnishes and other organic coatings to abrasion created by the fall of standardized natural silica sand or grains of silicon carbide through a guide tube.


Crockmeter 418

Manual model allowing the evaluation of color transfer, bleeding and abrasion resulting from the dry or wet friction of textile materials (fabric, carpet, leather, etc.) against other flat surfaces. It can also be used to perform smear tests of images printed by a printer or copier.


Shore A / DIDC / micro-DIDC multirange durometer

Laboratory hardness tester with modular configuration accepting different Shore A, DIDC or micro-DIDC measuring heads allowing to measure any type of rubber or plastic sample, small parts, thin parts and O-rings.Measures the following hardness: DIDC, Shore A, micro-DIDC and micro-DIDC / DIDC / Shore A.


Barcol durometer

Easy-to-use durometer for checking the hardness of most materials (aluminum and aluminum alloy, soft metals, plastics, fiberglass, rubber, leather, etc.).Measures hardness according to the Barcol scale, correlation with Vickers, Rockwell and Brinell hardness


ICI VF2095 Pressure Hydrometer

The pressure applied by the device makes it possible to expel the air trapped in the liquids during their manufacture to make it negligible, thus improving the precision and the repeatability of measurement of their density by weighing.


BK drying time loggers

Each of the needles of the needle holder moves at a constant adjustable speed on a glass plate on which the product to be tested has been applied beforehand. A time scale fixed on the casing makes it possible to determine the times corresponding to each stage of the drying process: solvent evaporation time, dust free, tack free, through dry.


CurveX-3 Cooking Temperature Loggers

CurveX-3 devices make it possible to record in real time the evolution of the temperature in an oven. Protected by an insulating stainless steel box, the data collector records the ambient temperature and the surface temperature using probes positioned at different places in the oven or even in the rooms.


Technical training days

Labomat Essor regularly organizes technical days on the following topics:- From viscosity to rheology.- Natural and accelerated aging with UV and Xenon.- Introduction to atmospheric corrosion tests.- Principles of color measurement.These technical days can be carried out either as part of inter-company days or within your company.Labomat is listed as a...



Crockmeter kit (166 g) Ref. 130570 including an adapter with fixing clip and a set of Crock 50 fabrics×50 mm Ref. 130811. Felt squares 50×50 mm Ref. 134948 also available. Crock Test System Load: 417.7 ± 1g (without additional weight).


Abrasive tips

The standard Wearaser support Ref. 130852 accepts Wearaser Ø ¼ ”abrasive tips (Ø 6.35 mm). Other abrasive tips available: - Wearaser Jumbo Ø ½ ”tips (Ø 12.7 mm, Wearaser Jumbo holder required) - Weardisc Ø ¾ ”discs (Ø 19 mm, universal support required)



The standard Wearaser support Ref. 130852 accepts Wearaser Ø ¼ ”abrasive tips (Ø 6.35 mm). Other abrasive tips available: - Wearaser Jumbo Ø ½ ”tips (Ø 12.7 mm, Wearaser Jumbo holder required) - Weardisc Ø ¾ ”discs (Ø 19 mm, universal support required)