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Brookfield - Catalog 2014


The Brookfield General Catalog 2014 is now available in English :

Click here to download the new Brookfield catalog 2014

Labomat Essor markets in France only the Brookfield equipment corresponding to our "Viscosity / Rheology" section.

However, you can already download from our website all the English documentation for each of the range equipment.

New rheometers DV2T - DV2T Extra - DV3T from Brookfield


Brookfield puts 2 new rheometers on the market which are both powerful and economically : the DV2T Extra and the DV3T.
These two rheometers have the latest technology : touch screen, USB port for data transfer, new software, ... The DV3T has all the features you expect from a rheometer without the need of a connection to a PC (mathematical analysis of the data, real time graphing, user management, ...).
Enjoy the best of Brookfield quality and get an ultra powerful device at a more than reasonable price.
These devices are perfectly adapted for users who want a quality control device that is easy to use but which allows you to implement your R&D program without investing in an extremely expensive rheometer of which you will only use a few of its features.

Take a look at the new DV2T

Take a look at the new DV2T Extra

Take a look at the new DV3T

POWDERSAVE XP : Optimize your powder application by measuring the output of the cabin !


The PowderSave XP provides a contactless measurement of the thickness of uncured powder.

Displays instantaneously the thickness it will have when it comes out of the oven.

The wireless probe (Bluetooth®) sends the measurements directly to the recorder (up to 10 meters).

No adjustment for calibration needed in function of the powders.

Fast and accurate measurement (± 5µm) in the range of 20 to 110 microns.

With the PowderSave XP, you know immediately what you consume !

- Fewer parts to redo

- Powder savings

Grab this opportunity, it's the equivalent of 700 kg of powder ...

[more information] : download our documentation