Technical beads

Precision beads

Since 1854, Sigmund Lindner has established itself among the world leaders in the manufacturing of glass and ceramic beads used for applications such as the grinding of raw material but also in precision beads for industrial applications. The pharmaceutical, cosmetic, packaging, ink cartridges and ball bearings branches are concerned in particular .

Precision glass beads SiLiBeads type P

Features : High precision of diameter, roundness and surface of the bead, very good resistance to chemicals, high degree of purity. Produced in high quality "borosilicate" glass, their chemical resistance allows their contact with aggressive and abrasive solutions. They guarantee a total safety for the use in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.
Applications : Closing valves, ball bearings, agitation balls for sensitive products, balls for flowmeter...

Closing valves for ink cartridges

Agitation balls for insulin bottles