Temperature / Humidity

Compact thermometers

Portable measurement apparatuses for punctual temperature measurement.


Self-adhesive thermometers Thermo-rubans

Self-adhesive thermometer for a simple temperature control. The temperature sensitive elements change irreversible from colour to a given temperature. Allows the monitoring of critical temperatures.

  • Many models.
  • Temperature range from +29 to +280 °C.

Magnetic contact thermometer ref. TM0015

Magnetic contact thermometers measuring the temperature on any steel surface.

  • 113-1 : Contact thermometer -35... +55 °C.
  • TM0015 : Contact thermometer -10... +70 °C.

Thermometer with swivelling head Testo 905 T1 / T2

Pocket-size thermometer with swivelling head.

  • 2 probes available : contact (T2) or penetration / immersion (T1).
  • Temperature : -50 °C... +350 °C (+500 °C short-term).
  • Accuracy : ± 1 °C or 1 % measured value.

Fast-action thermometer with probe type K Testo 925

1 channel thermometer for thermocouple probe type K.

  • Hold-value button and display of max/min values.
  • Wide range of probes (radio probes in option).
  • Protection pouch TopSafe (in option).
  • Backlit display.
  • Audible alarm when limit values are exceeded.

Precision thermometer with probe type Pt100/CTN Testo 720

1 channel thermometer for CTN and Pt100-probe

Single channel measuring instrument for demanding measurements in laboratories and industry. Precision thermometer to determine the temperature of air, oil, water, etc within a measurement range from -100 to +800 °C, in Pt 100 or CTN. The TopSafe, protection pouch, is resistant to dust and water. An audible alarm sounds when limit values are exceeded.

  • Printout of measurement data with the Testo printer (in option).
  • Continuous display of min/max values.
  • Backlit display.
  • Audible alarm (adjustable limit values).

Precision thermometer with probe type CTN Testo 110

1 channel thermometer for CTN-probe

Highly accurate and versatile thermometer. The min/max values are memorised with the touch of a button and are clearly displayed on the screen in 2 lines. In addition to its broad range of traditional probes, one radio probe (wireless) can be used simultaneously (in option).

  • Printout of measurement data with the Testo printer (in option).
  • TopSafe, protection pouch (in option).
  • Audible alarm (adjustable limit values).
  • Display of the min/max values in 2 lines.
  • Large backlit display.