Control of elastomers

Shore hardness and IRHD micro hardness

The hardness measurement of rubber is a must in this field.


Multi range hardness testers Shore/IRHD/Micro IRHD Shore/DIDC/Micro DIDC

This versatile benchtop hardness tester is a multi-head device capable of responding to different standards regarding hardness measurement. Three versions are available, one to meet the tests Shore A or IRHD (L, N or H), one to meet the tests Micro IRHD and another one for the tests Micro IRHD, IRHD and Shore A.

It must be driven by the software HDDS.


Tables for Hildebrand hardness testers Tables

Wide range of specimen positioning tables for Hildebrand hardness testers.

Portable analog hardness testers HD-3000

The HD3000/3000L model is specifically designed to measure the hardness of thermoplastics and elastomers. It is available in several versions : Shore A, D, C, B, DO, O and OO. It has an indicator needle to retain the maximum value measured.
Supplied in a case with a calibration certificate.
Possibility to obtain narrow probes (L version) to measure small areas and difficult to access areas.

Stand for Hildebrand hardness testers OS2

Designed for accurate and repeatable results by applying a constant force through standardised masses.
It is compatible with analog and digital models.


Hardness test blocks Blocs

Set of test blocks supplied in a case with certificate (manufacturer or national laboratory)

Available range :

- Shore A

- Shore D


- Micro IRHD