Mechanical tests

Scratch resistance

Scratch resistance of coatings. If the coating doesn't withstand, the substrate, often metal, is then exposed. It is thus then vulnerable to corrosion for example ...

Scratch tester Clemen ref. 705 / 706

According to : normes BS 3900 E2, ASTM D5178, ISO 1518, méthode ECCA -T11

Test intended to carry out tests on paint, varnish and plastic applied to all types of flat substrates. The sample is raked by a tool charged with a variable weight from 0 to 10 kg. A voltmeter and a luminous indicator make it possible to detect automatically the rupture of the coating on metal substrates.

  • Various types of incision tools available according to the application.

705 : Mechanised scratch tester Clemen.
706 : Hand operated scratch tester Clemen.


Sclerometers ref. SP0010 - SP0015

Pocket instrument for testing the resistance of coatings to wear/scratch using a tungsten carbide tip with a diameter of 1 mm.

Tips of 0,75 mm and 0,50 mm diameter are available in option.
The instrument is supplied with three interchangeable springs and an adjustable tension system allowing to cover three ranges.

  • Range 0 - 300 g (0 - 3 N), graduation 10 g (0,1 N).
  • Range 0 - 1000 g (0 - 10 N), graduation 50 g (0,5 N).
  • Range 0 - 3000 g (0 - 30 N), graduation 150 g (1,5 N).

Have a look at our demonstration video


Scratch tester Taber ref. 551

Determines the minimal load necessary to the appearance of a regular scratch on a rotating specimen. An arm provided with a weight makes it possible to vary the load applied to the scratch tool.

  • Supplied in a case with a tungsten carbide tool, a conical diamond tool and a magnifier x7.
  • Special model according to EN 438-2 and ISO 4586-2 for tests on parquet floors, laminates, varnish.

Scratch tester multitest ref. 710

The sample to be tested is positioned on a moving platform, pneumatically driven, and undergoes the constant vertical load of 5 tungsten carbide tips mounted on sliding axes with varying weights.

Initially developed to control the inner lining in the automotive industry, the multitester is ideal to evaluate plastics, paints, floor coverings, etc.

  • Pneumatically driven tester.
  • Tungsten carbide ball tips (balls of 1 or 7 mm diameter).
  • Adjustable load from 2 to 20 N.

Friction tester Skid TESTER SRT

Measures the skidding on roads and floor coverings.
The test simulates the skidding of a tire on a wet road surface.

  • Possible to measure the resistance to polishing, important factor in the skidding behaviour.
  • Direct reading.
  • Supplied in a transportable case with graduated measuring scale, thermometer and 6 standardised rubber sliders.

Concrete inspection hammer ref. LD0500

- Mechanical concrete test hammer type N
- Impact energy : 2,207 Nm
- Measurement range : 10-110 n/mm²
- Limitations : Sp. => 100 mm
- Reference standards : UNI EN 12504-2, ASTM C805, BS 1881
- Weight : 1,8 kg