Thickness measurement

Wet film

Thickness control of paints (liquid or powder) before drying or baking.

Wheel thickness gauge for wet film ref. VF2255 / 2256 / 2257

A calibrated wheel provided with an eccentric interior disc is moved on the wet film until there's trace appearance.

VF2255 : Circular gauge 0-100 µm.
VF2256 : Circular gauge  0-300 µm.
VF2257 : Circular gauge  0-600 µm.


Wet film comb gauges Qualicheck

Graduated comb gauges in stainless steel, for fast and easy measuring of the wet film thickness applied to a smooth surface.

SP4000 : from 20 to 370 µm, gradations 10 and 20 µm.
SP4010 : from 25 to 2 000 µm, gradations 25, 50 and 100 µm.
SP4020 : from 50 to 10 000 µm, gradations 50, 100 and 200 µm.
SP4050 : from 1 to 80 mils.
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Wet film comb gauges ref. LD2020

The wet film comb is made of plastic, to measure wet film thickness between 25 and 900µm. The wet film comb is designed as a disposable thickness gauge. It can be kept as a record of wet film thickness measurement for ISO or customer requirements. One side of the comb measures the wet film thickness in µm (30 steps between 25 and 900µm), the other side measures in mils (30 steps between 1 and 35 mils).

Plastic wet film comb, 500 pieces
25-900µm in 30 steps, 1-35 mils

Have a look at our demonstration video


Ad comb gauge COLOR

Comb gauge in hardened aluminum and varnished epoxy measures the wet film thickness from 25 µm to 2 000 µm.

  • Personalised engraving possible from 100 pieces.
  • Printable area : 60x30 cm.
  • 5 models depending on number onf engraved colours.
  • Decreasing prices.