Thickness measurement

Wall thickness by ultrasonic measurement

These apparatuses control, by ultrasonic method, the thickness of walls, pipings, and more generally the thickness of all the parts where access is only possible from one side.
They can be used on many materials such as metals, glass, hard plastics, ceramics.

Wall thickness measurer PosiTector UTG

Measures wall thicknesses in steel, cast iron, plastic, etc.
Ideal for measuring the effects of corrosion or erosion on tanks, pipes or any structure where access is limited to one side.

  • Large graphic LCD.
  • Compact body, solid and resistant to acid, oil, water, dust.
  • Dual transducer. Provides fast, accurate readings.
  • Memory storage of 250 readings (for Standard models) and 100.000 readings (for Advanced models).
  • Scan and alarm mode with registration of the minimum and maximum values.
  • Calibration certificate traceable to NIST.
  • Warranty : 2 years.
  • In option : infrared printer and PosiSoft software for Windows.
  • WiFi technology wirelessly synchronizes with, downloads software updates, and connects to mobile devices for expanded functionality.

  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology for data transfer to a PC or optional portable printer.

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Wall thickness measurer MX

The MX3 model is extremely flexible and precise thanks to the possibility of instantaneous calibration on a large variety of materials by simple measurement.

  • Two point calibration for better precision.
  • SCAN mode : 16 readings/second and captures the minimum thickness.

The MX5-DL model has the same features as the MX3, plus :

  • Audible/visual ALARM mode.
  • DIFFERENTIAL mode (+/- difference from the value entered).
  • Internal memory for 1000 readings. Dakview software.

Wall thickness measurer PX

The PX7 precision thickness gauges are used for small thicknesses of materials. They can be easily adjusted to various materials by a 1 point calibration.

  • SCAN / ALARM / DIFFERENTIAL mode (see MX models above).
  • An Echo-To-Echo mode allowing to carry out measurements on coated materials.

The PX7-DL model has moreover an internal memory for 1000 readings. Supplied with connection cable and Dakview software.


Wall thickness measurer MMX

The MMX6 series has all the features of the MX5 series and has the capacity to measure painted materials without taking the coating thickness into account thanks to the Echo-To-Echo mode available in addition to the traditional Pulse-Echo mode.

  • Audible/visual ALARM mode.
  • DIFFERENTIAL mode (+/- difference from the value entered).
  • Switch from Pulse-To-Echo / Echo-To-Echo mode with just the touch of a button.

The MMX6-DL model has moreover an internal memory for 1000 readings. Supplied with connection cable and Dakview software.