Corrosion / Weathering

Natural weathering on standardised site

In partnership with the company Q-LAB Corporation - USA, Labomat Essor proposes external weathering test programs on natural study and exposure sites in Florida and Arizona.

  • Very payable quality and prices.
  • Site free from urban, agricultural, industrial or marine pollution.

Just send us your samples to be tested !
Q-LAB Corporation is given the responsability to position them on site.
Q-LAB Corporation carries out the visual and/or instrumental evaluations at requested time intervals.
Consult the reports wich are sent to you regularly.

Natural exposure on site Floride

FLORIDA : Subtropical exposure
Sun, high temperatures, strong humidity and condensation.
The Miami site profits from hot and wet subtropical climatic conditions, found ideal by scientists all over the world for the fast appearance of degradation results in external natural environment.

See the video of our natural exposure site


Natural exposure on site Arizona

ARIZONA : Desert exposure
Very intense sunlight and very high temperatures. The Arizona site presents a desert climate with dry and very warm air, a strong UV intensity, and important temperature fluctuations between day and night.

See the video of our natural exposure site 


Solar concentrator Q-TRAC

The Q-TRAC is an external stand for natural accelerated weathering. A series of ten mirrors reflects the complete spectrum of natural sunlight and concentrates it on the samples. Following the displacements of the sun, it acts like a solar concentrator and optimises the exposure level of the sun received by the samples.

  • Testing method particularly useful for coil coating, powder coating, automobile and plastic paints.

See the video of our Q-TRAC exposure site