Film application

Automatic film applicators

They make it possible to obtain very homogeneous films because the application is realised by speed and constant pressure.

Automatic film applicator ref. AB3120, AB3220, AB3320

The automatic film applicator provides a reliable basis to apply coating films to test charts, panels or foils in a uniform and reproducible way.

  • Maximum application surface : A3
  • Traverse speed : 2 - 500 mm/s
  • Can be used with all types and styles of applicators such as bar coaters, doctor blades, Bird applicator, Baker applicator, Quadruplex, etc.

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Centrifugal film applicator ICI ref. 1110N / 1112N

Allows the uniform application of a paint or varnish film by means of spinning.

  • Adjustable rotation speed from 300 to 2500 rpm.
  • Time selection of centrifugation from 10 seconds to 150 minutes.

1110N : Spinner I.C.I. small model (panels 150 x 100 mm).
1112N : Spinner I.C.I. large model (panels 300 x 300 mm).


Ink proofer applicator ref. 1160

This tester characterises the inks and/or ink substrates and makes it possible to manufacture ink control test bands.

  • Ink unit : composed of 4 cylinders (drive, oscillation, transfer, impression).
  • Impression unit : receives the impression roller after inking.

1160 : Automatic ink applicator supplied with an inking and impression unit.